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This blog focuses on men, their issues, and their place in society. If you’re sick of having to constantly apologize for your gender but you don’t know what to do or how to be a man, this is the place for you.

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The 28 traits of the modern man – A link to the 28 traits that I have identified to be important as to how to survive and prosper as a man in modern society. Some are critical, such as never apologize for your actions. Some are more esoteric, such as riding a motorbike. But all of them are designed to get you to think, no matter how terrifying that may be for you.


7 thoughts on “New? Start here.

  1. Brent Malcolm

    Hi , I recently discovered your blog so I thought you might like this example of politically correct bullshit gone totally insane.
    “Australian of the year David Morrison is leading a drive against the use of the term “guys” in the workplace”
    “The country’s Diversity Council asks people to avoid expressions they say exclude minority groups”
    lol , what next ? Transgender toilets in the workplace ?


    A Guy


  2. Rachel green

    I’m a woman that’s fed up with lefties and “feminists” telling me that all men are pigs. Fed up with the mentally deranged self promoting egotist thought police. I’m liking your work. Me and my bloke are enjoying your blog

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