Riverguide, sea kayaking guide, poker player, adventurer, musician and writer. Twenty five years, four continents, three languages, and zero tolerance for fools and malingerers. You learn the hard way to recognize and appreciate the best things in life. A beautiful woman, a top cigar, a rare motorbike, a sunset over the African Nile, a sudden understanding that you know exactly which hand your opponent holds.

The world is full of false turns and chaos. Masculinity is under attack from all sides. How is it best for a young man to proceed under such hostile conditions? Is it possible to progress from beta to alpha?

I have made that journey. I am still on that journey. My writing is about how to go about such an undertaking. It is a chronicle of how I am doing right at this moment. Alpha is a mindset. It is a way of life. It is about becoming outcome independent.

Explore the blog, take from it what you need. Listen to my podcast to see how much you disagree with me. Disagreement is good – don’t make the mistake of surrounding yourself with opinions that make you feel safe. Challenge your viewpoint as much as you can. Politically I am firmly in the camp of the Catholic nationalist right but many of my friends are not. If you let politics get in the way of things then you’ll just be reduced to living in an echo-chamber.

Read my books as an example and inspiration, and also just to have a rollicking good time. For what is life without a glass of red, a good book, and your feet up after a hard day of adventure and toil.

A note on my blogroll – not all sites that are there are ones that I necessarily agree with. Some I agree with a lot of the time, while others hardly ever. But I find them stimulating and they provoke me to think. That is why they are on my blogroll.


If you’re so inclined you can write to me at ads_legend at hotmail dot com.