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Podcast #131 – The Z Man vs Vox Day grudge match.

Where I examine just why The Z Man and Vox Day are suddenly at each others’ throats. Also, Aussie bushfires and Harry and his hoe.

Relevant links:

Z Man has a go at online grifters.

Vox takes umbrage with Z Man’s views about his pending lawsuit.

Vox takes even more umbrage.

Stunning and brave.

Can women do comedy? Of course not, Lucille Ball excepted. But they can when it’s written by a man. For those that don’t know, Titania McGrath is a spoof Twitter account by comedian Andrew Doyle. He hired an excellent female actor for the part and here is a small sample of the first stand up performance. So very brave. And stunning.

And an interview with Doyle a few months before he finished casting the part.

Book reviews – those kittens aren’t gonna sacrifice themselves.

My books continue to sell at a steady pace which I put down to my renewed dedication to kitten sacrifice. But all jokes aside, (I’m allergic to dedication), it’s nice when I get the occasional review. Like this one the other day:

I read this book, along with Adam’s second book Run Guts, Pull Cones, over the course of 2 days. Both were thoroughly enjoyable. The book rolls along at top speed. Constantly changing characters, locations and situations kept me entertained. I found a few lessons in the book that I wish I had had as a younger man, and more than a few scenarios reminded me of situations in which I had found myself. An excellent way to reminisce, and an enjoyable reminder of timeless lessons for both young and not-so-young men everywhere.

Thanks, Joshua. Glad you liked them.

If you haven’t read them then what are you waiting for? If you have read them but you haven’t left a review, how many more kittens must needlessly suffer? And if you have read them and you have left a review, then those kittens were worth it.

Next book is progressing nicely. Got a fair bit done on the holidays. Getting divorced has really helped with the material for this book.

Friday hawt chicks & links – The she-devil edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links reckons that this has been an especially exciting week of tidbits and interesting times. Trump dominates proceedings what with knocking off an Iranian supremo general with a missile composed of rotating knives. All that was left was a garish ring on a finger. Sort of like what Triggly Puff’s new boyfriend looks like after a torrid night of the rumpy pumpy.

When Trump does something of note it is always wise to heed the 48 hour rule. In other words, wait 48 hours to see what the true lay of the land is, and this one was no exception; a big old manipulation to get US troops out of Iraq. Hell, it’s only been 3 decades. What are they in, some kind of rush?

Also prescient is to listen to the neocon talking heads to find out their views on the matter. They have a 100% track record of being irrevocably wrong on absolutely everything, so if they reckon Trump has made a disastrous boo-boo then you can be confident that this was a great move akin to me asking out Sharon the Cannon for the high school dance in 1987.

They didn’t call her the cannon for nothing.

But Trump has been overshadowed by the spectacular and continuing public demonstration of what happens when an insecure beta marries a psychological dominatrix. In a decision that was made by one woman only, Prince Harry and his bride are going to ditch the Royal Family to earn a crust, which is truly one of the more stupid ideas every propagated, beaten only by beginning a land war in Russia or South East Asia. Or perhaps both at the same time. All I can say is that the future divorce and fallout is going to be so brutal, it would cause Genghis Khan to avert his gaze. Good on ya, Harry. You win the dumb fuck of the century award, and we still have 7 decades to go.

You see, boys; choosing your lady is rather an important decision. So choose … wisely.

Anyway, there are some links and chicks to follow. You know the drill, right? Favorite moment of your collective miserable weeks, I’d wager. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that does. Poor old, Harry. But still, one must suffer for one’s art.

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Big companies hate innovation but they love regulation.

John Wilder has up an excellent piece on why recessions are good for the economy.

I’ve shared this opinion before:  recessions are good for the economy.  Bankrupt businesses are good for the economy.  Are they painful in the short term?  Certainly.  But they provide a great service – they clear out the companies that don’t add value to the customers.

This is something that I’ve talked about before. Cleaning out the dead wood is not just good for the economy; it lets new start up businesses enter the market and succeed. That success is critical because a big reason why new businesses succeed is in being innovative. Innovation is one of the core concepts of true market capitalism. The beneficiaries of innovation are the consumers. With innovation we get better products at lower prices. Televisions and mobile phones are excellent examples of this concept in action. Note that there is no government interference in these markets. Partly due to that absence of government manipulation, these products become cheaper and better over time. Companies must innovate in order to keep attracting customers. Products in which governments interfere will inevitably get more expensive and progressively worse. Think healthcare or education.

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Saving his son – this is what fathers do.

I am presently on an offshore support vessel somewhere in Germany and the internet is rather spotty. To that end I have seen that Ricky Gervais took it to the crowd at an awards ceremony but I haven’t been able to watch it which is rather frustrating. I also can’t access most sites from here as they just time out. I can access my own site though because it is on a very good server that runs extremely well and is secured. There ya go.

One story that I have seen that I want to comment on is the 4 year old boy in Queensland in Australia who got attacked at the family home by a 5 meter rock python.

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Sunday lifting thread – A new year of pain.

I haven’t done a lifting thread for a while, so the new year is a good time to put out another one. This is the time of year when gyms are besieged with newbies, the vast majority of whom will be gone within three weeks. I’ve seen a few messages around saying that we need to treat these newbies, who will get in our way and don’t have a clue about gym etiquette, with patience and understanding.

That’s nice and all, but another viewpoint would be to crush newbie gym goers, see them driven before us and hear the lamentations of their women. Just a thought.

Anyway, at my local gym they have a large chalkboard wall where members can write what their goals are for the year. I have never written on the board because I am not a moron. But I was there the other day when a staff member rubbed it clean and fresh. There it was in all its terrifying blankness. Who would be the first one to write on the board? Everyone pretended that the blank board wasn’t there.

So I thought, fuck it. I’ll write on the board. And I actually had something semi-decent to write, at least I thought so anyway.

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A spontaneous display of dedication to the cause, comrades.

The sky was a severe grey and black, its undersides lit with the red glow from the heaving fiery monstrosity that we had been chasing for hours in our little convoy. Young Dylan was sitting next to me, his bum fluff beard a sad testimony to his child like state. He was on edge, jittering around on his seat like some crazed teenage lunatic at a boy band concert. He was even holding up his mobile phone to record the event as well. It all fit. The entire thing. The play. The scandal. We would have him where we wanted him. Teach that bastard to win an election that was never his to win in the first place.

Scott “Fatty” Morrison. Oh, we’d have the bastard now. Here he was after scurrying home from his ill-fated holiday, prancing around the fire swept country like the demented and hypocritical climate denier that he is. Oh yes, we had him big time.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The just say yes edition.

Welcome one and all to the very first hawt chicks & links for the new year, the last year of the second decade of the 21st century for those that can count to 10. Your not so humble host is trying to recover from the next door neighbor popping around yesterday afternoon with an outstanding bottle of white Burgundy which we drank in its entirety and proceeded on from there. My esteemed guest delighted in my vintage turntable which is about all I need to declare someone a best buddy for life. Awesome French plonk and you love my stereo? Take the keys to the Merc, dear boy.

My neighbor is in his 60s and very successful. He recounted to me his younger days starting off in his chosen profession. By dint of some luck and blagging on his part, his career took off quite early. He gave me examples of numerous times where by all accounts he should have said no to what was being asked of him as he didn’t actually have the required knowledge or experience. But every time he accepted without hesitation and worked it out from there. Just say yes and then roll up your sleeves and problem solve, was his attitude. This is exactly what I did myself, as I recounted in my first book, grab a copy now, yours for the bargain price of 2 for the price of 3.

There’s a lesson or two in there for you young chaps.

Right! On with the show for the new year. Links and hawtness awaits all with the courage to enter here.

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Green terrorists caused the Australian bushfires.

As a result of the ongoing bushfires, Australia is on everyone’s lips all around the world. This presents a conundrum for Australia, as on the one hand we don’t want our country to go up in smoke, but on the other hand the Australian media and political class are so slavish as to any attention from the rest of the world that they just won’t want this to end.

I mean, the last time that the world took any notice of Australia was when Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics, and two decades is a long time to go between bouts of having the captain of the football team even notice that you exist.

The world is noticing Australia at the moment because of climate change. Because that’s the answer for everything nowadays. I reckon school must be pretty easy for the kids now. Final high school science exam? Piss easy, mate. Just stick climate change on every blank space after a question mark and you’re golden. Full points for you, cobber. The Guardian has breathlessly got into the act, like the school slut who’s just emerged from behind the woodwork sheds after blowing the chess team for a bottle of prosecco.

Australian bushfire crisis: global figures and media react to ‘climate emergency’.

In other words, nobody with a clue about anything.

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