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How to explain the “un-Australian” behaviour.

As the frenzied buying of basic household items continues, the Australian prime minister accused those of panic buying and hoarding of being “un-Australian”.

“On bulk purchasing of supplies: Stop hoarding. I can’t be more blunt about it. Stop it,” Mr Morrison said.

“It is not sensible, it is not helpful and it has been one of the most disappointing things I have seen in Australian behaviour in response to this crisis.

“That is not who we are as a people. It is not necessary. It is not something that people should be doing.”

This virus is exposing the cracks in the mulitculti facade. The reason for all the un-Australian behaviour is because Australia is chock full to the brim with un-Australians. Our elected leaders and unelected bureaucrat classes have been importing them en masse for 20 years. So when Morrison declares that this is not who we are as a people, he is absolutely spot on but not in the manner in which he intended.

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Something is going on.

Something is going on and it’s not a virus. Speaking of which, I’m at home with the sniffles, also known as the dreaded man flu. It ain’t the Wu-flu as the symptoms don’t match, but I haven’t been sick for almost two years so this is one hell of a timing. So I’m at home, feeling pretty dreadful and with time to peruse the internet.

As I said, something is going on. The stats for this virus are what I would describe as lame-o on the old death by pestilence chart. Viruses such as SARS are openly mocking this Chinese Johnny-come-lately, while the Black Death and Smallpox are sitting in the big boys’ chairs and not even acknowledging that this virus even exists. In other words, as viruses go this one is an omega male.

And yet, the Western world is collectively losing its mind. Leading the way with the hysteria is Europe as borders are closed and businesses shut down. With economies being on life support propped up by historically low interest rates and money printing since the 2008 financial crisis, and with some nations such as Germany already teetering on a recession, this sudden rush to throw the baby out with the bathwater seems to be completely insane.

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Podcast #139 – The fearful husband episode.

The road to living in fear of your wife and changing your actions so as not to upset her is a long and gradual one. And maybe for some of us there is no other option to learn it than to live it, no matter what the best advice may be.

Fashion, style and automobiles.

A piece by Theodore Dalrymple extols the importance of dressing well and how he came to this conclusion after his youthful immaturity on the subject.

One question on which I have changed my mind is that of dress. In my youth I thought that it mattered not at all, and that to be concerned with it was a sign of egotism and triviality of mind. I cannot point to any conversion experience after which I came to believe the opposite, but I now see my former opinion as shallow in the way that so many youthful opinions are shallow …

… But I have come to the rather obvious conclusion that our mode of dress is a message to others, and taking some care over it to appear with reasonable smartness is an act of social responsibility and respect for others rather than egotism. Not to take such care is egotism, insofar as the message conveyed by the lack of care is “I am not going to make an effort just for you, mate. You have to accept me as I am.”

In fact, we cannot but convey a message by the way we dress (it is amazing how something so obvious should have escaped me for so many years). And if you walk down the street of any Western city, what you see is a society of individualists, though not of people of strong individuality.

This passage mirrors what I wrote on the topic on the 17th trait of the modern man.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – It’s the end of the world edition.

The hawt chicks & links wishes you all a speedy recovery or a pleasant self-imposed isolation period in your studies and dens, workshops and barns, and garages. Whether you’re on a diet of rice and beans or frozen TV dinners, what really counts is whether you lose contact with the internet. Because we all know that if that happens then most of you will melt down into a puddle of rage. During these times the discordant leftist ideological cant will be raised up to a volume level of 11 by those who have no other choice but to double down again and again. So if you don’t go to a Chinese restaurant now then that makes you a racist. I think that we are very close to people in general accepting the racist tag with open pride.

Last night I popped down to the supermarket to get a couple of fresh food items and the place had been hit by a swarm of locusts. So it’s finally happened here in the Netherlands as well. What do the Dutchies value above all other things? Bread. They really want bread. Keep in mind that the average bread section in a Dutch supermarket stretches the length of 17 football fields, so to see one stripped and gasping for air was really quite something.

They also really like yogurt, which sucks because that was what I was down there to buy. Oh wells, I just got some more beer. It goes without saying that the vegan and health food section was still full of what they call food.

I also got my monthly haircut last night while my friendly barber breathed all over me at close range. Mind you, I breathed all over him as well and who knows where I’ve been. Probably the 13th circle of Hell for all he knows.

So let’s have a look at this week’s links and chicks and settle in to a few weeks of the end times.

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Panic early and beat the rush.

An update from Italy. It’s in Italian but I’ll translate it for you.

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Wuhan Virus – On the ground in Northern Italy.

I had a long telephone conversation with a very good Italian friend of mine who is in the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak in Italy. He has homes in Verona and up in the Trentino mountains but they elected to remain in the mountains to see things out. There are only a few cases of the virus in the Trentino region with the closest one being a good 30 kilometers away. That distance in serious mountain country is not far as the crow flies but far enough as it were.

The government has imposed travel restrictions. In short, you’re not allowed to leave the local council in which you live. There are about fifteen councils in that little mountain valley so that’s not far to go. All businesses are closed apart from those offering essential services such as supermarkets. He thinks that the military will soon be deployed to the streets with roadblocks. Unless you’re getting food or you have a really good reason to be out and about, you’re not supposed to be going anywhere. If you are stopped by the fuzz then you need to have a note from yourself explaining what you’re doing and why you’re out and about. Written in crayon I presume.

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This is our own Dark Age.

As a kid I was always into history, still am really. One of the periods that fascinated the young Adam was the Dark Ages. I used to wonder how it was for the people living in such a time. For one, I assumed that it was always cloudy with lots of rain; gloomy even. That’s what happens in a dark age, hence the name. Later in life I discovered that there was a thing called the Medieval Warming Period which had nothing at all to do with some dominatrix’s tepid time of the month. Apparently palm trees grew in England and they made wine in Ireland. Didn’t sound dark to me at all.

What really made the Dark Ages rather sombre was the fact that everyone was downtrodden and just consumed with scratching around to make ends meet, while trying to avoid being skewered on the spear of some random barbarian. Because of this the world went backwards. People forgot how to read, they forgot how to build stuff that their relatives had been able to build, that sort of thing. It all sounded rather horrible. Thank god for the renaissance!

But it turns out that this was historical nonsense, dreamed up by people with an axe to grind and an agenda to propagate.

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Podcast #138 – The leopard skin tights episode.

What is with all of the women wearing leopard skin tights all of a sudden?

A visit to the island of Terschelling and an old business idea for boutique guided tours of Italy.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The Family Court hero edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you on Friday after a few weeks of being a bit late and all due to my outrageous social demands. And this week’s edition is dedicated to a hero. And not just any hero; a husband hero. And not just any husband; a husband who was getting divorced and the wife was going to get the kids. And not just any old messy divorce; this one had evil and nasty judges and district attorneys conspiring against him because fathers are evil and mothers are strawberries and goodness.

So this guy decided to represent himself in the Family Court; the California Family Court. And after the initial proceedings he had 14 months to get his act together, so he spent the time studying law at home, not at some random college. And then he had his day in court.

And he got the DA arrested under citizen’s arrest and charged with Contempt of Court and Discrimination Against the Disabled While Acting Under Color of Law.

Keep in mind, however, that this happened a few years ago before all of the current leftist nastiness really took hold. But an awesome effort nonetheless.

Here is his day in court. And with this tale of valor, let the hawt chicks & links officially begin.

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