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The Friday hawt chicks & links – The white people can’t be racist edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links is proud to present another virtuous and unstable anthology of dissident morons, unhealthy Crossfit exiles, unbaptised parochial Evangelists, reformed dwarf toss gamblers, high stakes economic misfits, and plucky Karens prone to outbursts of supreme Karen-ness.

There have been calls this week in MSM outlets that I wouldn’t link to even if you held a banana to my head while singing Don’t cry for me Marge and Tina, for Karens to stop being so racist. Apparently it’s okay to Karen, (I love how the moniker has now become a verb), as long as you don’t do it to anyone whose skin color is not, how do we put this, a lighter shade of pale? (A song no doubt soon to be banished in the great purging of white material).

While I deplore Karens and their miserable and excruciating behavior, I will defend them at all times against all accusations of racism for the simple reason that they are my people and you stand fast with your own tribe. As far as I’m concerned, no white person can be accused of racism to make me care a single whit. They can be caught doing the most unspeakable atrocities which fall under yee old racism banner, and I will shrug my shoulders with a resounding meh.

That’s how all the other tribes behave. It’s time for the whites to not only catch back up, but to take our rightful place in the lead.

And with that, lead on, dear brothers and sisters.

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You’re too short for this ride.

Two days ago I wrote about Christianity. More specifically, I wrote about how the Catholic Church is the one and only. As of the time of writing this post, that piece has 50 comments and counting. That’s a lot for my site. This ain’t no Harry Potter fan club page after all. The reason for the number of comments is all of the good natured back and forth that has been going on. People are politely disagreeing with each other while agreeing to examine the points that they disagree with a little more closely, as you never know, hey, we could be wrong.

Just kidding. Nobody is doing that at all. It’s just a lot of hate hate hatey hate. Which I approve of. I love hate speech. Can’t get enough of it, to be honest. Bring on your hate. Let me feed on your tears of rage.

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The United States was doomed from the start.

The Men of the West despair at the inevitable truth that their country is going to the dogs.

Sadly, my country no longer exists, and it has not for a long time. In fact, it began to die a few years before I was even born, and by the time I was in high school, it was a goner. Today, we are just kicking around the dead husk that used to be my country.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to take a black pill or anything. I am just recognizing reality. The United States of America does not exist. There is nothing “UNITED” about it. This is a loose conglomeration of various nations that are crammed together, coasting to a stop as the fumes of the American engine flame out.

It is time to face the truth. My people are not the only people living in this country. Truth be told, we might have had some semblance of a claim to being a united people before the mid-1840’s, but once Texas was admitted to the “Union,” that was no longer true. That issue was exacerbated when California was brought in five years later.

Theo is right, but he is a little off on his timeline reckoning. It wasn’t when Texas was admitted to the Union that the USA began its slow implosion. Rather, the nation as an ideal was doomed from the very beginning.

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Podcast #147 – Interview with a Dutch black dude episode.

I interview a Dutch black man on his opinion of the BLM movement in Holland, the future of Holland with regards to their cultural identity, and lots of naughty words and bad speak discussions.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The full retard edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links wishes you all a very unhappy Juneteenth holiday. This is a brand new holiday which has been planned for about 100 years. This holiday is a celebration that black people are good by virtue of the color of their skin, and white people are bad as their own skin tone demonstrates. Whites must stay in their homes and reflect on their inherent awfulness, which can never be atoned for and which will remain until the day that you die. And the way that things are going, perhaps that day will be sooner than you think.

Little Ben has taken off the cotton gloves and has now sprung forth to reveal his true nature. Of course, anyone not calling themselves a conservative for the past four years already had no doubt of where his real allegiance lies. But this sort of message will not be enough for those still holding on to the comforting blanket of conservatism; a blanket that is full of holes, moldy, rank with tired sweat and stained the color of shame. They still believe that conservatism was the answer all along, even though it has got us to this point in time. So little Ben could dye his hair green, tattoo devil horns on his forehead, and run around with his bum on fire in that ridiculous autonomous zone in Seattle, and conservatives will still believe that he is one of them.

And perhaps they are right. Perhaps he is. Perhaps we have been waiting for the wrong people to take off their masks. The rot goes deep and has been an infection for 500 years. But we get to see the end times. We get to see the grand show. No living in a dusty 19th century homestead for us, raising our cattle and our good wholesome family as one. We are the blessed and the cursed. We have ring side seats to the finale but the kicker is that we are part of the show.

So on with it.

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A few good men.

Over the last few weeks I have seen many comments regarding the silent majority. Apparently the silent majority do not approve of all of the prog-left libtard BLM Antifa antics. The silent majority strongly disapproves. The inference is that the silent majority will ultimately save us, that these obvious attempts to destabilize Anglo-Saxon nations will come to naught simply because of the silent majority.

I am here to tell you that the silent majority ain’t worth a spread of dog shit on a piece of stale white toast.

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Podcast #146 – The quickie episode.

Just a quickie this morning.

Face masks for Corona.
Buying clothes.
Reading magazines.


Goose VPN affiliate deal.

As I announced on last week’s podcast, I have begun an affiliate program with a VPN provider called Goose VPN. Unlike begging for money on the internet, I believe in providing my readers with quality products that will be helpful for them. The bonus is if you purchase through my links then I get a cut. Many readers have written to me or left comments that they would like to support me in some way. After purchasing my books, this is the best way that I can get your support.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The black lives don’t matter edition.

Some people might find this week’s title of the hawt chicks & links to be somewhat … problematic. That is as intended. Black lives don’t matter in the sense that the left always lies. They invert the truth. All of their words are simple inversions of reality. They call themselves progressives but they are at best regressive. They think they are woke but they are the most brain dead NPCs on the planet. They call heroic men cowards and cowardly men heroes. They call men women, and women men. The healthy family unit is derided as being the most craven diabolical injustice, while polyamorous deviants are stunning and brave. Criminals are called good men, and good men are criminals. Their wretched examples of creativity, whether it be art, music, literature or film, are the epitome of ugliness, while real beauty in art is held to be patriarchal dreck. They tear down statues of great men and cover monuments in perverted graffiti. Soon they will erect their own statues to drug addicted hoodlums and feminist harpies.

It is all lies, diabolical lies.

So when they proclaim that black lives matter, be sure that the reality is otherwise. Black lives matter to the left in so much as they can be used to destroy Western civilization. If you really want to know how much black lives matter to these socialist scumbags, simply look at the lives of generations of blacks living in Democrat run cities.

But hey, you all have a black friend or two, right? I bet they really appreciate the tokenism. Well done, you.

On with it.

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Arseholes just grow older.

So it turns out that the Boomer who was pushed and shoved by police is a longtime activist with a charge sheet of prog causes as long as your arm. Seriously, in a sane world the cops would be celebrated seeing as they pushed a straight white cis male. But even us white blokes have our uses for the prog cause and he sure got what he has been swinging for over the last 40 odd years.

Martin Gugino is a 75-year-old professional agitator and Antifa provocateur who brags on his blog about the number of times he can get arrested and escape prosecution. Gugino’s Twitter Account is also filled with anti-cop sentiment. Last Thursday Gugino traveled from his home in Amherst, New York, to Buffalo to agitate a protest crowd.

During his effort Gugino was attempting to capture the radio communications signature of Buffalo police officers. CTH noted what he was attempting on Thursday night as soon as the now viral video was being used by media to sell a police brutality narrative. Today, a more clear video has emerged that shows exactly what he was attempting.

In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner. You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same. Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest). Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer.

There’s a video of it slowed right down, which gives a good indication of how fast this happened in real life.

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