Nice guys never win.

One of the core principles of the red pill is game, otherwise known as the ability to attract women. And one of the core principles of game is that nice guys never get anywhere. The nice guy routine fails because behaving like a ‘nice guy’ betrays the principles of masculinity and of being a man. To be a man is to be strong and unyielding. To be a man is to stand for something, to fight for something, even to die for something.

To be a nice guy is to take any position or utter any banality just so long as it inches you ever closer to your eventual goal of scoring a night of sexual activity with the unfortunate target of your romantic affection.

In other words, the nice guy not only has no principles of his own; he actively betrays what it means to be a man while he seeks a reward for being a man. Which is why this strategy is a never ending series of failures.

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COTW – How will the immigrants vote on gay marriage?

Comment of the week goes to Chris for this little beauty in reference to the Australian gay marriage vote:

I had a thought about the vote. Suppose the No vote narrowly wins. How many Muslims voted No? How many Hindus – they come from a country that still practices arranged marriages, after all. What is the support for same-sex marriage like in China, Vietnam, the Philippines? Not very high, from what I can tell. I don’t suppose we’ll ever get an official breakdown of results, but suppose surveys after the fact reveal that the No vote won because people born overseas overwhelmingly voted No. Does that qualify as irony?

I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. Remember that I wrote that 30% of Australia’s population were born overseas. The Guardian puts it at almost 50% when you include a person if one of their parents were born overseas.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The ‘whitey is racist!’ edition.

Greetings to all of the misbegotten bottom dwellers who lurk in the murk and muck at the fringes of the hawt chicks and links thread. Tis a privileged position in which you find yourselves. You are the advance guard for excellent taste, the first across the line for being the first to notice something. Of course, when I hit the big time and ludicrous morons who presently read The Economist begin espousing the brilliance of my ramblings, then you will be able to ditch me in a furious funk of indignation similar to when hordes of hippy fucktards abandoned Dylan for taking up an electric guitar.

I have always been of the opinion that Dylan is a talentless hack, but then again I think the same about The Beatles so what do I know?

Enough of this boisterous manly talk already! On with the hawt chicks! … and the links …

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Don’t shoot the fat messenger.

Apparently one of the problems associated with being a fat tub of lard is the chafing that results over the course of the day while your odious rolls of fat collide with each other while you do strenuous exercise, such as rolling over in bed or getting up from your long suffering chair.

What to do, what to do. The best option, in this writer’s most humble opinion, is for fat tubs of lard to shed some weight by eating less. Radical, I know, but then I’ve always been one for going against the prevailing wisdom.

Or you could continue to stuff sugar and carbs down your gob at unprecedented levels while availing yourself of whatever products companies are coming out with that enable your hideously unhealthy lifestyle. Products like Bandelettes – thigh bands with antichafing benefits.

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