SJW assistant professor could soon be living out of the back of his car.

This is Greg Thatcher, assistant professor, department of public health at Fresno state university.

Thatcher teaches “courses” such as PH 91 Human Sexuality, so you know that he’s going to be a screaming SJW without even taking into account his weak shoulders, frontal comb-over, and his forced and fake smile. Based on the following story we could also add sub par intelligence and tendency to bully and harass those whom he is supposed to be guiding in their formative adult years.

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Getting engaged 2 weeks after you meet someone.

I’ve decided to have a politics-free week on the old blog. No matter what happens in the world, (within reason), I’m not going to comment on anything of a political nature this week. I need a break, and I figure that you guys need a break as well.

Today in The Australian newspaper is a story about former prime minister Tony Abbott’s daughter getting engaged after knowing her new fiance for only 2 weeks. The headline is misleading. It reads, Frances Abbott set to marry after 2 week engagement. This is of course false as they have only just got engaged after 2 whirlwind weeks of holding hands and long walks along the beach. But the press is simply incapable of getting basic facts correct that are obvious to anyone with an intelligence above the level of lukewarm.

So what do I think of their decision to get hitched after a short space of time? Well, let’s look at the details.

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COTW – Sinterklaas.

Lots of great comments this week but I want to highlight a comment from Dave on the article I wrote about the Australian gay marriage vote victory.

The sad part is of course, these guys will still wake up from their nights on Oxford Street and hate themselves. No amount of propaganda, no matter how many laws are passed, not even a 100% yes return would satisfy them. They know they are messed up, and this exercise in delusion just makes their mental problems all the more worse.

Homosexuals are indeed terribly messed up. Their unhappiness is deeply rooted and it only gets worse with the passing of the years. An example of this bitterness can be found in an article that Australia’s foremost transvestite Malcolm McGregor wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald against his old friend and long time supporter, Tony Abbott. Andrew Bolt has a nice take-down of the piece.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The Ray Moore edition.

This week has seen a bunch of interesting developments – by interesting I mean stupid. But the Roy Moore debacle is way out in front for me. The claims that he dallied with a 14 year old girl are obviously complete rubbish for anyone with half a functioning braincell. As such I am not going to dignify that one, except to say that I have no doubt that it will eventually turn out to be the Russians that did it.

It’s the accusations that a 34 year old Roy Moore had sexual relations and was courting 18 year old women that is really interesting for me. Because, and I want all of you so-called conservatives to listen really closely here, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

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Australia votes for state sanctioned sodomy.

The results of the Australian gay marriage survey are in and the Yes vote won with just over 61% of the adult population who bothered to send in their choice voting in the affirmative. The next step will be for this to go before parliament where legislation will be drafted to amend the marriage act to officially allow those people in the community who have chosen a homosexual lifestyle the ability to get married.

In other words, Australians have freely chosen state sanctioned sodomy.

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