Sunday lifting thread – a new program?

On last week’s lifting thread commenter Purge left the following comment:

Squatting three times a week sounds like overtraining, Adam. How about training legs once a week instead?

Now my initial reaction to this was a hearty rebuttal with moderate amounts of disdain. Doesn’t this berk know that I follow the Starting Strength program which advocates squatting at all times, including but not limited to taking a dump, praying to God Almighty, meeting the Queen, pushing all in, and initiating a sexual encounter which is only ever going to end with a big #Metoo stamp all over it?

But the comment lingered in my hind brain going into the week and on Wednesday I made an important decision:

I skipped the squat on my workout.

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Greasy Pole podcast #9 – The Aaron Clarey’s 12 rules for life episode.

The Great One and I disparage Uncle Jordy’s 12 rules for life but then deliberate on what Aaron Clarey’s 12 rules for life would be.

Also, I humiliate The Great One for hanging out with a bipolar feminist even if she is 24 and hawt, he breaks my bubble by telling me that the women in Louisiana are all fatties, the wonders of modern management, Trump’s track record as president, and much more.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The new system edition.

At the gym this evening after my session I had a protein drink because that’s how I roll. But when I went to pay for it there was a problem. The trainer scowled at his machine as he attempted to complete the transaction for a whopping 1.80 euro.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him.

“We have a new system,” came the reply. The despair on his face said it all.

I don’t know if there are any words more terrifying in the modern language than ‘we have a new system’. Nobody likes a new system except the person that sold it and he should be placed against a wall and shot in the knees. The very next person to be dealt with in this way would be the idiot that purchased the new system. The people doing the shooting would be a toss up between the staff who have to use it and the clientele that have to put up with it.

The selling point about a new system is that it’s new. The inference is that the old system was bad because it was old. Probably the best example of the fallacy of this in action was New Coke. New is not better. We’ve had new for 50 years now. My record player was manufactured in 1979. That’s about right as far as I’m concerned. About the only new things that are better are cars and that’s only if you take away the horrible modern colors which amount to 750 shades of grey. My umbrella has more aesthetic interest than my car.

We got the transaction sorted and I gulped my protein drink in milk. I asked the trainer if it was new. He said it was most certainly not. Things are looking up.

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Trying to be the mom.

Theresa May is still prime minister of the UK after winning the leadership challenge by 200 votes to 117. It was a secret ballot so we can’t extrapolate and make conclusions but I feel confident in assuming that the vast majority of female MPs voted for the harridan because Sisterhood Über Alles – the sisterhood above all other considerations, as Rollo Tomassi has termed it.

A comment yesterday by JP on my article concerning the impending spill sums up the ramifications of the sisterhood pact:

White female politicians in the West are interim placeholders between white native rule and non-white settler rule.

Western women are in despair that their five generation long shit test of their menfolk has been so comprehensively failed. As weak men jump through more ridiculous hoops to prove their worthiness for all things female, we get closer and closer to a time when the immigrant invaders do rise up and take over.

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First London falls, then England.

I quick glance at the headlines this morning almost made me spill my coffee. This imagined disaster of course did not unfold as I guard my coffee like a guard, well, my coffee. But the news that did bring me close to the precipice was an article in The Australian outlining the two main candidates to topple the hapless Theresa May.

Put your hand up if Boris Johnson was one of your immediate picks. Yes? Well done, you win a prize of watching me drink my coffee. So who is your second pick to go forth and save England? Waiting, waiting. Not sure?

Why, it’s a Pakistani Muslim called Sajid Javid. And it seems that he’s the front runner.

It looks like the Tories are determined not to deliver Brexit in any meaningful form, but to simply out-progressive the progressives.

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