Sunday lifting thread – Technique and only technique.

After my personal training session with an instructor I spent my days in the gym this week focusing on my technique. Going into the personal coaching my aim was to fix my bench press as I detailed last week. But the bench press turned out to be quite easy to tweak; I now have it exactly where I want it to be and the difference is noticeable. I had a second coaching session with my trainer yesterday and the two lifts which I need to work on the most are the squat and the deadlift.

I now have to really concentrate on the mental cues which I need to learn the physical cues so they become habitual. I have been lifting seriously for about 3 years now but I have been going to the gym in sporadic bursts for 30 years. In other words, I have a lot of bad form and technique to unlearn.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The single mother edition.

The hawt chicks & links thread is late this week as Friday was extremely busy for me and I am not a night person. By the time I got home last night I did not have the required energy necessary to dedicate to the stupendous links thread that so many of you crave in your empty and worthless lives. At least you’re one step ahead of me as I don’t even get the hawt chicks & links thread; I have to create it for you.

Moving right along. We’re straight into it this week.

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Be the best feminist male ally that you can be.

What’s the secret in the crazy world of modern dating to dealing with young women raised on a diet of feminism, ingratitude, and believing they are firmly on the pedestal? Is it to listen to their every word and supplicate at their feet, hoping for a few sexual scraps to be thrown your way? Or is it to be the alpha male chad, ploughing through the babes as you make hundreds of bed notches; you are the cock carousel.

Or perhaps there is a third way, a more enlightened way. Where you not only embrace your inner male feminist but you raise the ante and double down, taking it to places that it was never intended or ever imagined to go. After all, women might have invented feminism but we all know that if something needs doing properly then it will have to be a man that goes out and does it.

And so I give you the new hero for our times. Gentlemen, may I present to you the very best male feminist ally that there has ever been.

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Boomers flooding gyms in all out effort to avoid old age.

Wisdom in life is about accepting the stage of life in which you reside; childhood, youth, adult, middle age, old age. In the past when we had fully functioning family units this progression was natural as every age group had their role to play. When you’re 65 and you have 7 grand kids then by definition you’re a grandmother. You do grandmother type things. This means spending time with your grandchildren and even showing an interest in them like you actually mean it.

But if your entire existence has been about you, about finding yourself, about finding your passion, about discovering who you are, about getting in touch with yourself, about acknowledging your true inner self, about making constant critical breakthroughs that are all designed to further who you are as an individual to the exclusion of all others around you, well, you’re going to keep exhibiting this embarrassing behavior well into the final stage of life.

The Superfit Sixties.

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They were the most worthless of times.

I couldn’t imagine working a single month in the worthless public service, but for some people that is their entire life. Admittedly most public servants move around a bit; they don’t stay in the one office in the same department for more than a couple of years. I mean, you have to move up the public service ladder, get some promotions, tackle the bog jobs where you get to truly terrorise those plebs who work out in the dreaded ‘real world’.

Or if you have no ambition, no true skill sets, and a desire to be a completely worthless individual, you could just stay in the same Centerlink office for your entire working life.

Cambelltown Centerlink worker retires after 45 years.

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