Friday hawt chicks & links – The illegal immigrants are illegal edition.

Welcome one and all to the world famous and highly contagious Friday Hawt Chicks & Links thread, the thread with so much going on you’d swear that you were sitting beside a border watching hordes of illegal immigrants pour across. Now I’ve got nothing against illegal immigrants per se – fuck that, yes I do; they’re illegal, and not only that while they’re breaking the law they’re not even citizens. They are aliens. They are non people as far as an individual nation that retains the sovereign rights to its own borders is concerned.

Over the last few hundred, even thousand years in some cases, a great many people have died to determine where the national borders of our Western nations stand. By allowing unfettered immigration, whether legal or illegal, we make a mockery of all that spilled blood, of all the men and sometimes women who gave themselves up so that their own posterity could benefit from their sacrifice. We have allowed outsiders, foreigners to our own cultural identities, to come in and dictate to us who we are allowed to import and why. Take a look at these two clowns:

They’re not Americans. They are not the progeny of the American forefathers. They are not for whom the American Constitution was written. They are interlopers, troublemakers, wormtongues, parasites. They are not traitors because they are not American. Their place of birth makes no difference to this reality. If my parents had taken a holiday to China back in 1971 and I had popped out there it wouldn’t have gone one single step to making me Chinese.

The situation is now so absurd that it will only take a single drop in the bucket to reveal the absurdity and thus the betrayal for what it all is. And when that happens it will be the time of the great unraveling.

Now, on with it.

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An added bonus of the government shutdown.

The Great One emailed me the other day to set up a date to record our next episode of The Greasy Pole podcast. He set a date towards the end of the month which is rather late since we try to get an episode up every 4 weeks or so. When I asked why he couldn’t record it sooner he gave me this response:

That’s the first time I’m available during our normal recording time frame.

 What with the government shut down business is booming.

The government shutdown piqued my curiosity when it initially happened which was just before Christmas. The interesting aspect for me relates back to an article I wrote a few years ago which some of you may remember. It was called, Could you pay for a $400 emergency?

The relevant bit:

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The least genetically fit.

A comment from Apex Predator on yesterday’s piece about the Frenchman who prefers to date much younger women:

To me, it is a win-win actually. The gene pool is being thinned of the least genetically fit. The problem is, men suffer alongside them because of the disparity between marriageable women and the glut of men with rather average expectations of femininity.

The least genetically fit category happens to include men as well. The strong adapt and the weak carry on as before hoping that things will just work out for them anyway. Women are far more susceptible to the siren calls of whatever lunacy happens to be trending at any given moment. But men get caught up by default in the lunacy as well since they either can’t control their women or they want a woman and they figure that whatever she’s saying is the gold plated truth.

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He prefers much younger women.

A French writer throws out an offhand comment in an interview where he opines that he prefers women younger than him. Even worse he declares that it would be inconceivable for him to date a woman his own age.

Yann Moix, 50, offended many of his female compatriots when he ruled out falling in love with a woman of his own age. “Oh no!” he said in an interview with Marie Claire, when asked if he would date a woman of 50. “That’s not possible,” he said.

“At 50, I am incapable of loving a woman of 50. I find that too old. When I am 60 years old, I will be able to; 50 will then appear young to me.

“I prefer the bodies of younger women, that’s all,” he said in an interview to promote his latest novel, Rompre. “I’m not going to lie. The body of a woman of 25 is extraordinary. The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”

The subsequent public meltdown by the feminine imperative speaks volumes as to the horrible truth of his words.

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Australian nationalism on the beach.

The beach is symbolic of Australia. The vast majority of our population is clustered on the coast. It is where we go on holidays, and tourists to Australia, drawn via the siren calls of Tourism Australia publicity drives, invariably visit Bondi or Cottesloe, or both.

From an historical perspective it is often stated that Australia came of age on the beaches of Gallipoli. For many of those brave men the beach was the last look they had of their home country. Australia has the unique status of being the only nation in the world that is also a continent. It has enjoyed that privilege for most of its existence without much introspection. The assumption is that it will always be so but the tumultuous nature of human history would suggest otherwise. There is an extreme fragility inherent in any civilization and culture. The breaking point looms closer when comfortable assumptions are made.

A little over ten years ago an event occurred on a beach in Australia. Called the Cronulla race riots after the beach in question, it was retrospectively labeled as a clash between immigrants and racist Australians. The supposed racists were white and their sin was to not only notice what was happening to their country but to actively attempt to do something about it.

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