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We know no despair

I posted a link on Gab to one of my articles last week. It got some likes, it got some reposts, it got some comments and it got some retards. The prevailing characteristic of the retards was their belief in the awful Donald who had betrayed them. This was somewhat amusing as that was the main point of the article that I wrote. I don’t usually post my articles to Gab but I did this time as a form of social experiment to test what I had written, which was confirmed.

But it got me thinking.

The level of despair among those who had professed to believe in Trump is off the charts. They have no faith, they have no hope, and they certainly have no charity. They were fair weather followers. When things were going well, happy days. When things look bleak, throw the guy you’ve professed to follow under the bus. Good on you, Ann. Just like a woman.

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Called it … again

What will characterize this election is the amount of fraud involved.

Moi, August 2020.

The best of times

The events of the past few weeks have not disappointed my own expectations. The commentary has been a wild mix of views from all sides. I am sure that what the media is putting out is their usual lobotomized screed aimed at keeping the normies safe and secure in their NPC world. I am also sure that hardly anyone knows what is really going on. All of this is smoke and mirrors as it always has been if you are even a passing student of history. Everything has always been manipulated, and the more that we are certain that something is true then the less we can be certain of that comfortable conceit.

A great deal of ire has been directed at Donald Trump by supporters of the nationalist right. This comment from Gab is fairly typical:

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Book review – Reclaiming the Catholic Church

Reclaiming the Catholic Church is the latest book by Giuseppe Filotto. The subtitle of the book is, ‘The True History of Vatican II and the Visible Remnant of the Real Catholic Church now that the Vatican is a Pederast Infested Hive of Imposters’. It is a companion book to Filotto’s previous work on the subject, Believe! which I reviewed here. Weighing in at a hefty 500 pages, Reclaiming the Catholic Church is to Believe! what The Lord of the Rings is to The Hobbit. It is a thorough expansion and deeper examination of the topics and ideas presented in the former work.

Filotto’s thesis is that the Catholic Church was systematically infiltrated by Freemason heretical imposters over the 19th and 20th centuries. The Church was aware of the great danger posed by these imposters, with Pope Pius X and Pope Benedict XV committing to the publication of the Code of Canon Law in 1917. This Code set out for all time the comprehensive codification of Latin canon law.

But in 1958 the infiltrators succeeded in raising one of their own to the Papal Chair. As a result of this, the heretical Vatican II Council was held in order to address relations between the Church and the “Modern World”. What it did in practice was to upend two Millennia of Church doctrine and revert the Mass into a bastardised form of Protestantism known as the Novus Ordum. The Church has been in a crisis ever since, both internally and externally. Some external factions have sought to “recognise yet resist” the teachings of Vatican II. Others have gone much further, with the Sedevacantists and Sedeprivationists arguing that since 1958 the chair of St Peter has either been vacant or has been filled by an imposter.

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Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to all of the fine folks out there that occasionally peruse this humble corner of the internet. You have probably noticed that it has been a little quiet over here this month. No, I have not succumbed to the sniffles. I am in good health and feeling fine and dandy, even in the midst of the second lockdown of the year. This latest version of nationwide house arrest came down upon us over Christmas, while the first version landed directly on Easter. But I am sure that is merely a coincidence. Ho ho ho.

This has been my first break in six years from writing on an almost daily basis. I took a break not from exhaustion but more from apathy. A few weeks back another site linked to an article that I wrote a couple of years’ ago. Out of curiosity I reread my own words. To my surprise it was rather good. So, well done Adam, old boy.

There are undoubtedly more of these articles here waiting to be rediscovered. But it got me thinking that for the most part these words are gone into the ether. If you were not here for that moment then you missed it. And for a writer, this scattering of ideas works against you. I have written on many topics but my own words are not in any sort of order. They are forgotten games in some random sports series played sometime in the past.

The other part is that in a sense I have said what needs to be said. Reacting to the latest outrage of our enemies is pure hokum that merely feeds them. We keep the monolith intact by observing it. And our criticism binds us to their destructiveness. In a sense we are ensnared just as effectively as the most dimwitted prog left socialist moron. It takes two to tango as the old saying goes.

It takes a great deal of energy and time for me to write the 600 words that normally constitute one of my pieces. The time and energy spent is not in the typing, but rather in the researching and devising. I must troll the internet for outrage. I must dwell in the house of the beast. And I spend far too much time there.

The effect of being apart from that world for the past few weeks has been noticeable. I spend more time reading books, of the dead tree variety. And I have been coming up with ideas for future books which I wish to write. The publishing world today is a mess of propaganda gibberish that rewards grifters and the insane. There are few writers that counter it and I should contribute more but I have not put out a book in four years because there has been no time for me to write. It is either the blog or books, and books stand the test of time. Books sit on a shelf and tempt you back to rediscover them. A random article on a blog from a random day, and a random month, and a random year is simply lost.

I am not ending the blog. Rather, my focus will be elsewhere. I will still post here when the mood takes me. And it is where I will announce my future publications. So stay subscribed so you will be kept up to date with important announcements.

It has been an interesting and rewarding run. I know that my writing has sharpened considerably while running this blog. My only hope is that I can continue to transfer that skill to the paper page. So once again, a very Merry Christmas to you all and God speed for the coming year.

Saudi Arabian adventures

My readers might have been bemoaning my lack of writing over the last couple of weeks, comparing my output to that of the manufacturing industry in Australia. But the fact is that I have been in Saudi Arabia for various adventures of a sanguine nature. This was my first trip to that country and to the Middle East in general, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I arrived back home yesterday morning after catching the 3am flight, an experience made even worse by having to travel with the Dutch national airline, KLM. The herring eating cloddites packed us into the plane like the proverbial sardines, and then over the seven hour flight did their very best to not provide any service while lecturing us on the horrible risks of the pretend Chinese pox.

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The most important thing you can do in this time

In the end it is the lies that feed our enemies and give them more power. Their nourishment comes from our belief in their lies. From our participation in their lies. From our dissemination of their lies. From our policing of their lies. Our enemies have attempted to make lies out of everything that we know to exist. We currently inhabit an upside down world, where women are men and men are women; where healthy is unhealthy and unhealthy is healthy; where the weather is controlled by man; where your public acceptance of all that is false determines your intrinsic goodness.

The pressure is immense for you to believe in the lies because the lies are so very important to them. The lies are all that they have. If the lies were to lose their power, if people were to stop extolling the lies, then the entire rotten edifice would collapse and people would awake as if from a dream.

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The art of the political deal

The general assumption since the disputed conclusion of the US presidential election has been that Trump is simply out of his depth and should concede with dignity. You win some, you lose some; time to give it up. This whole keep your dignity thing is one widely pushed by our enemies on the prog Marxist left as well as the slackjaws and fair weather political sailors in our midst. Our enemies push it because it has worked for them so many times in the past. The trick is to mock our side’s sense of fair play and decency and thus entice us to roll over and quit with the aforementioned and oh so valuable dignity.

Our own feeble idiots and credible imbeciles who have spent a lifetime playing the part of the media minded conservatives are all too willing to get on board with this line of attack. Losing with dignity is all that they know and with that they have been highly successful.

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You can’t stay neutral anymore

The Other McCain has written an article about his ancestor who fought for the Americans in the revolutionary war, and who looked suspiciously like the late Heath Ledger. McCain makes note of the fact that the American rebels were constantly attempting to recruit their countrymen, while the British were actively engaged in preventing this from happening.

On the afternoon of May 29, 1780, after a pursuit of nearly 150 miles, Tarleton’s dragoons caught up with Buford’s rear guard in the vicinity of Lancaster, S.C., near the North Carolina border. The fight that ensued was a decisive British victory, in which the Americans claimed their troops were slaughtered after they surrendered, so that the battle became known as the “Waxhaws Massacre.” The result of Tarleton’s victory thus proved a disaster for the British in two ways:

  • Reports of the “massacre” served as a rallying cry for the Patriot cause in South Carolina, with a desire for revenge inspiring men to join the cause who might have stayed out of the war.
  • His easy victory led Tarleton to become overconfident.

As the year 2020 draws to a close, another rallying cry is beginning to be heard around that nation as people openly pick sides and disavow those who are attempting to remain bystanders on the sidelines.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The wait and see edition

The Friday hawt chicks & links is late, by about two weeks. We are living in tumultuous times and your humble author has been keeping his head down and getting on with things. So, not much time to capture the links and hawtness goodness that you all crave for. But here we are and we will see if it has been worth the wait.

The biggest drama is the disputed United States election. As I no longer get my news from the mainstream media I have had to rely on other sources to pick through the surplus information. My go to sites are Vox Day and Nourishing Obscurity, and on Gab it is Roissy and Neon Revolt. Sure there are other sources that are worthwhile, but these are whom I choose to put my trust. Not only that but they either do the very hard work of sifting through all of the noise or they have people doing that for them. Either way, it is a win for me.

Trump is fighting hard. One thing is for sure and that is over the next eight weeks either the truth will come out or it will be buried. After this time there is not much to hope for. So this is the moment of watching and praying. Both sides now need to push everything into the middle because the side that comes in first runner-up is liable to pay a severe penalty, justifiable or not. These are games for the big men but I suspect that some are only now beginning to understand just how big the stakes are; they will be coming to the worrying realisation that they are in over their heads.

So sit back with the cold November rain rattling your windows, the wind blowing a fateful moan down your chimney and your faithful hound tensing at every gust, and contemplate the many tidbits that await you when you click to see more below. Life is worth living.

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