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We are few – Hold Fast

I once dated an American chick. Briefly. She was nuttier than a feral cat in a shoebox and the bedroom antics did not make up for the moon level lunacy. But one thing that struck me about her was the number of prescription meds that she took on a daily basis. Her collection of official pills rapidly took over all available space in my then rather small bathroom. She had pills for every imaginable condition imaginable.

And that was the thing – she wasn’t sick. She didn’t need this stuff, but she had been brainwashed by medical propaganda to stuff her gob with an endless amount of medicine because that was what a healthy person does, supposedly.

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Never start a land war in Australia

For the first forty years of Australia’s official existence as a nation we relied upon, and were relied upon by the United Kingdom and Commonwealth in matters of defense. That changed in early 1942 when Singapore surrendered to an exhausted Japanese force that had just about run out of artillery ammunition. Coinciding with the arrival in Australia of General MacArthur after he escaped from the Philippines in a submarine, the government turned to the United States to ensure its survival. This was a mostly pragmatic decision, although resistance to being the lapdogs of the British Empire may also have played a part.

Nevertheless, in the short term the about face was a standout success. The nation emerged from the war not just on the winning side but diplomatically tied to the new world superpower. In the longer term it meant that Australia has had to follow the USA into every one of its wars with the sole exception of the Grenada excursion which Uncle Sam managed to finish off without any help, well done them.

For eighty years Australia has bet its existence on its close relationship with the Big Boy on the Pacific block. But time may have run out on this cozy relationship.

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All the gear and no idea

I began whitewater kayaking when I was thirteen, and almost all of my weekends over my teenage years were taken up with some sort of kayaking expedition, initially with family and friends and then just with friends when we graduated to having our own transport. To put that in some perspective, I was thirteen in 1984. The patriarch of one of the family groups that we began kayaking with purchased the first commercial plastic kayak ever sold in Western Australia, a Perception Dancer.

In my early twenties I became a professional rafting guide, and I did that job on a full time basis for over fifteen years on four continents. I worked with a number of hard core professionals, the best in the world at what they did. And there was one trait that was almost ubiquitous to all of the very best of the best:

We didn’t give a crap about having the latest gear.

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The Greasy Pole episode 17 – The get yourself a slave episode

The Great One and I are back in a head to head smashdown of the topics of the moment, and ask the question of whether blacks will want to be our slaves again at some point in the future.

How to become Informed Catholics

Regular reader Kentucky gent as a newly converted Catholic is struggling to understand the significance of the unfolding schism surrounding the Traditional Latin Mass, particularly as it pertains to him on a personal level.

We are not bizarrely or unaccountably naive, we are merely uninformed. I went to my first mass in December, was confirmed at the Easter 2021 vigil, and I have no idea what the TLM is like because I’ve never attended one.

I also don’t know why it is important, especially since no one I know understand Latin, other than the clergy.

Knowledge is power, and keeping the laity in a state of ignorance has been a hallmark of the Church post-Vatican II. So what follows is a bit of guidance for readers who might find themselves in a similar state of quandary as that described by Kentucky Gent.

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When will Catholics begin to take their faith seriously?

On my article yesterday regarding the official banning of the Traditional Latin Mass, Bruce Charlton left the following question:

But surely it would be very difficult indeed to dislodge so many of the senior priesthood from the worldly bureaucracy – I presume they are by now a significant majority at the highest levels, throughout. I can hardly imagine such a traditionalist (real Christian) coup would happen at all, or succeed if it did happen.

There are various methods by which current officials may be dislodged. The obtuse way is to have them dragged off en masse and flung from the battlements. Unfortunately, we no longer exist in such enlightened times so us Catholics must find another avenue to achieve our aim of overturning Vatican II.

One of the best ways is to simply outbreed them.

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It is time to cast down Vatican II

Yesterday the imposter on the Papal throne released his anticipated papal letter where he imposed a banning of the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, (TLM), declaring that … The liturgical books promulgated by Saint Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, in conformity with the decrees of Vatican Council II, are the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.

In other words, a fake pope celebrating the fake decrees of two other fake popes. Ann Barnhardt’s response to the news was traditional and succinct. She quoted the document from Pope Pius V issued in 1570 in regards to the Tridentine Rite:

We grant in perpetuity that this Missal is hereafter freely and lawfully to be used, without any scruple of conscience or fear of incurring any penalty or censure…

No one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should anyone dare to contravene it, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.”

So far so good. But it is not the diehards that will be affected by this latest outrage from the Vatican. We will practice the TLM this Sunday regardless of what the Vatican Jesuit heretic decrees. Rather, it is the fence sitters who now find themselves in the awful predicament of having to make a decision.

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You want to be Riggs, not Murtaugh

So it looks like critical race theory is playing out in real time in South Africa. In other words, a race war. Actually, the term race war is a bit of a tautology because outside of traditional civil wars, (ie before multiculturalism), all wars are race wars. But with so much purposeful confusion and misdirection around the subject of race, it helps to inject some clarity into the situation. Blacks teaching critical race theory in the USA are merely softening up the dumb whites for the coming slaughter. You will go to your doom in blithe contentment at your worthy sacrifice.

The Cubans have also finally decided that they have had enough and are now revolutionizing the revolution. They sure picked a hell of a time to do it though. If they do manage to throw off the Communist yoke then uncle USA will open its arms and before you know it their sons will be turning Havana into a tropical version of San Francisco while their daughters die their hair blue and begin the process of freezing their eggs so they can have it all.

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Smoking is cool

I love smoking. I don’t smoke habitually, merely for pleasure. I smoke cigarettes, (sans filter, mind you), I imbibe on cigars, and I have a pipe. I’m a bit of a smoking slut in that regard. Smoking is the thinking man’s drug, which is probably why our global overlords pushed so hard to make the very act akin to dropping one’s pants in public and having an energetic wank.

This has been most successful in countries of an Anglo-Saxon persuasion. In continental Europe, smoking is still an acceptable social activity. During the last lockdown I had occasion to lunch in a beautiful restaurant. This was strictly an underground affair where you had to know someone so as to be admitted; a speakeasy during virus times, if you will. We were dining indoors and we smoked throughout the meal. Why not? If you’re breaking one rule you might as well break a whole bunch of them while you’re at it.

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Welcome to the Machine

Via William Tychonievich I watched the following short video of Jonathan Pageau taking apart a speech that Apple CEO Tim Cook gave to the ADL in 2018.

Pageau’s insights give clear notice of exactly where the Global System stands as regards to any that might oppose its aims for humanity. Cook simultaneously proclaims that anyone practicing “hate” has no place on their platform while advocating for their platform to encompass the entire world via the magic of Big Tech.

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