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Girls – your college degree is a net negative.

Quillette has an article up about the travails of the modern dating game for educated women. On university campuses where men outnumber women, longer and more stable relationships between men and women are the norm. But on campuses where women outnumber men there is much more of a hook-up culture. In short, where men are in high demand they prefer to play the market and to have the time of their young lives.

On the hook-up culture campuses there is a higher prevalence of hard core feminism. In other words, where women are getting a raw deal due to their overabundance they attempt to counter the market forces by artificially controlling it through feminism.

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Sunday lifting thread – The case of the splitting pants.

There is an excellent tailor in Leiden where I go to for my dry cleaning needs. He also runs a tailoring business and has half a dozen employees working at the sewing machines. I’ve never needed a tailoring service before as my weight doesn’t fluctuate all that much no matter what I eat. But recently I have had to use his services due to the fact that all of a sudden I’m splitting multiple pairs of pants and jeans in the crotch area.

I’d like to suggest that this is due to a mammoth-like endowment, but that’s not the case. And if it were then I would have had the same issue in the past, unless those male enhancement pills really are a thing. But I don’t think that they are. No, the reason that I’ve been splitting my duds is due to changing up my squat routine.

To be specific, I finally went deep. And deep is where you discover leg gains. Hence, the pants issue.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The love song edition.

Yes, the hawt chicks & links is a bit late this week. But better late than never, ammiright, ammiright?? Yeah, you know it, baby. You might have been disappointed that they was an absence of links and hawts yesterday, but now you get them today! What a surprise! Remember, the key to winning the lady’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. Or, failing that, just pay for her services at the usual market rates. Don’t ya just love capitalism? I do, boys. That’s why I invested in Sharpie pens. Sharpie pens have the sharpest and bestes pens in the worlds. Sure, you wouldn’t use a Sharpie pen to sign a document that betrays the American people. For that you would have to use an unethical pen that you had specially made. But you could use a Sharpie pen to sign a $200 billion trade deal with China.

Priorities, sic, priorities. Stocks are going the hell up. Out of town, out of this stratosphere, and into another planetary body. Remember, the globohomo swamp elites will not allow Trump to be re-elected. They will stop him whatever the cost. I am not sure if they will put poison in his Big Mac. Or maybe they will serve him one of those “I can’t believe it’s not meat” burgers and watch him go all girly. No, my money is on them deliberately tanking the economy. It is, after all, Trump’s centerpiece of his term. Scuttle that and one of the old white frauds will have a shot at the title as they promise free goodies for everyone. We shall see, we shall see. It certainly promises to be an interesting year. Scary.

On with the show.

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Australia is not a nation of immigrants.

Former Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm commits the sin of noticing:

If you have been watching TV lately, you will have noticed that many advertisements include at least one black or brown person. Some of the family scenes, such as a black and white couple with kids that are clearly unrelated to either, are artificial to the point of absurdity. Actors with black or brown faces must be getting plenty of work.

Increasing sales is not the only purpose of these ads though; what they are doing is virtue signalling about diversity. It is the same reason there are many more black and brown presenters at the ABC and SBS.

I must admit that when I initially read this I was more than a little astounded. You see, Leyonhjelm based his entire parliamentary career on being a libertarian, which is sort of like basing your entire international cricket career on backyard cricket and whether or not over the fence is out. Libertarians inhabit an imaginary world, a world only enabled by Western civilization, where people can do whatever they like in the privacy of their own home because they are all mature and everything will turn out just fine.

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Homosexuality is not good for you.

Over the weekend a clip popped up on my feed of a group of young people in Brisbane loudly disrupting a “drag queen story hour” for kids. The protest took the form of chanting slogans which alluded to the certain inappropriateness of degenerate men dressed as faux-women reading unsavory stories to young children. Any person with some semblance of morals can immediately understand what is wrong with having drag queens “educating” impressionable children. It is sick and dangerous. But in our back the front modern world, it is incumbent on those with morals to demonstrate just why this sort of thing should not take place.

The young conservatives in question decided to go back to basics and use the tools of the left against them. The left delight in noisily shutting down public events of which they do not approve, so it was nice to see them get a taste of their own medicine. Scenes of pathetic men in frocks and lippy attempting to reason with the protestors just made it even better as far as I was concerned. However, I did note that the online mob were already calling for the heads of the protestors. Some band called The Veronicas were particularly strident in their shrill calls for retribution.

By Monday the leader of the protestors was dead by his own hand. On top of it all, it transpires that he himself was gay.

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Sir Roger Scruton.

Sir Roger Scruton, the great conservative philosopher, thinker and writer, has died. Well, we all have to go sometime I suppose. This one irks me somewhat, however, as I have long held his quiet disobedience and nonacceptance with the modern regulatory state as a personal guide and inspiration. I am well aware that the term conservative has lost all its meaning, but if there had been a few more conservatives like Sir Roger then we wouldn’t have lost our way quite so badly.

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Podcast #131 – The Z Man vs Vox Day grudge match.

Where I examine just why The Z Man and Vox Day are suddenly at each others’ throats. Also, Aussie bushfires and Harry and his hoe.

Relevant links:

Z Man has a go at online grifters.

Vox takes umbrage with Z Man’s views about his pending lawsuit.

Vox takes even more umbrage.

Stunning and brave.

Can women do comedy? Of course not, Lucille Ball excepted. But they can when it’s written by a man. For those that don’t know, Titania McGrath is a spoof Twitter account by comedian Andrew Doyle. He hired an excellent female actor for the part and here is a small sample of the first stand up performance. So very brave. And stunning.

And an interview with Doyle a few months before he finished casting the part.

Book reviews – those kittens aren’t gonna sacrifice themselves.

My books continue to sell at a steady pace which I put down to my renewed dedication to kitten sacrifice. But all jokes aside, (I’m allergic to dedication), it’s nice when I get the occasional review. Like this one the other day:

I read this book, along with Adam’s second book Run Guts, Pull Cones, over the course of 2 days. Both were thoroughly enjoyable. The book rolls along at top speed. Constantly changing characters, locations and situations kept me entertained. I found a few lessons in the book that I wish I had had as a younger man, and more than a few scenarios reminded me of situations in which I had found myself. An excellent way to reminisce, and an enjoyable reminder of timeless lessons for both young and not-so-young men everywhere.

Thanks, Joshua. Glad you liked them.

If you haven’t read them then what are you waiting for? If you have read them but you haven’t left a review, how many more kittens must needlessly suffer? And if you have read them and you have left a review, then those kittens were worth it.

Next book is progressing nicely. Got a fair bit done on the holidays. Getting divorced has really helped with the material for this book.

Friday hawt chicks & links – The she-devil edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links reckons that this has been an especially exciting week of tidbits and interesting times. Trump dominates proceedings what with knocking off an Iranian supremo general with a missile composed of rotating knives. All that was left was a garish ring on a finger. Sort of like what Triggly Puff’s new boyfriend looks like after a torrid night of the rumpy pumpy.

When Trump does something of note it is always wise to heed the 48 hour rule. In other words, wait 48 hours to see what the true lay of the land is, and this one was no exception; a big old manipulation to get US troops out of Iraq. Hell, it’s only been 3 decades. What are they in, some kind of rush?

Also prescient is to listen to the neocon talking heads to find out their views on the matter. They have a 100% track record of being irrevocably wrong on absolutely everything, so if they reckon Trump has made a disastrous boo-boo then you can be confident that this was a great move akin to me asking out Sharon the Cannon for the high school dance in 1987.

They didn’t call her the cannon for nothing.

But Trump has been overshadowed by the spectacular and continuing public demonstration of what happens when an insecure beta marries a psychological dominatrix. In a decision that was made by one woman only, Prince Harry and his bride are going to ditch the Royal Family to earn a crust, which is truly one of the more stupid ideas every propagated, beaten only by beginning a land war in Russia or South East Asia. Or perhaps both at the same time. All I can say is that the future divorce and fallout is going to be so brutal, it would cause Genghis Khan to avert his gaze. Good on ya, Harry. You win the dumb fuck of the century award, and we still have 7 decades to go.

You see, boys; choosing your lady is rather an important decision. So choose … wisely.

Anyway, there are some links and chicks to follow. You know the drill, right? Favorite moment of your collective miserable weeks, I’d wager. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that does. Poor old, Harry. But still, one must suffer for one’s art.

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