Pushing Rubber Downhill

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Always order a witchdoctor from the eastern part of Uganda if you want to get the best results, a predicament that Adam Piggott was not expecting to find himself in when he accepted a job as a rafting guide in deepest darkest Africa. But the unexpected becomes the new normal when he chucks away his life to ride across Australia on a motorbike chasing a girl, and in the process winds up in situations that he never imagined.
From the tropical rainforests of Northern Australia, to the mountain rivers of British Columbia, the mighty Ugandan White Nile, and finally the cultural wonderland of the Italian Alps, Pushing Rubber Downhill explores one young man’s desire to make something of his life by doing the unbelievable.

Some Amazon reviews:

Pushing Rubber Downhill starts off with a dumb kid chasing a chick clear across an entire country on a dilapidated motorcycle and descends from there into utter hilarity as our hapless hero lies his ass off to potential employers, jumps feet-first into dangerous waters with nary a clue nor backup plan, and trips balls on “magic cake” whilst teaching himself the hard way to be a white-water river guide. The author will sing you siren songs of wild parties, tell stories of shadow wars against new-age hippies for control of a communal house, and relate tales of abysmal failure and heady success upon rivers spanning three continents (and ending in a fourth).

From this book, I learned the going rate for an Ugandan witch-doctor’s death curse, discovered that the thing that goes up and then comes down and then we rescue the people is not a bomb, but rather an E-Whah, and laughed so hard I choked on my beer no fewer than three times. Five stars because there’s no option for six, and worth every last penny.

It’s a little hard for me to categorize exactly what this book is. Is it an adventure story? Is it a love story? Is it a journey of self-discovery? It’s really all of that with some great comedy as well. Adam transports you to many different locations with his tales, as he journeys to find not just the roughest whitewater in the world – but himself as well.

I think anyone who has asked themselves “what the heck am I doing” at any point in their life will find wisdom in this book. I found it very relatable and inspiring at the same time. Reading Adam’s story you’ll certainly walk away with a spring in your step to go for it and try something new.

Learning Adam’s story has truly had an impact on me. If you’re considering a change in your life, and you’re unsure if you can do it. Then I would highly recommend reading this book to see how someone can start from nothing and build a successful fulfilling life.


5 thoughts on “Pushing Rubber Downhill

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  2. Dalo

    Hey mate, is your book available at book shops? I was getting dicked around a bit on amazon – possible to drop me an email and give a brutha a hand? I’ve just found your blog and I’m getting tons out of it. I’d love to hear about your journey.



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