People need to put other people in boxes in order to better understand how to approach them. I am also not immune to this disease. So to help new readers to quickly ascertain where I stand on pertinent issues, here is a brief list of my present opinions and beliefs.

Please note: as an adult I reserve the right to alter or change the following positions based on new and relevant information as it comes to hand. Contrary to what many of you may think, it is not a sign of weakness to act in this way. Those who hold rigidly to their opinions in the face of all contrary evidence practice dogma. And those who would criticize someone for changing their opinion are infantile and will not be engaged with here.

I have many friends who disagree with me on many of these issues. However, I do not choose to surround myself with people with whom I agree on everything. The fact is that I have come to many of these opinions precisely by engaging with different people and seeing the strengths and weaknesses of their own arguments.

The following are presented in alphabetical order. I will add to them as I see fit. If you see a topic that I have not covered and you are interested in what my opinion may be, please feel free to leave a comment and I will give it my attention.


All of the people who are pro-abortion are in the convenient position of already being alive. I am anti-abortion. Murder is no excuse for people not wishing to take responsibility for their poor decisions.

Climate Change:

A political fraud masquerading as science whose intention is to undermine Western capitalism and the free market and impose a global system of government and control.


Firmly in the camp of Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Keynesian theory is simply wrong as events of the past thirty years have proven. I believe in Say’s law – supply creates demand.


Communism in another name.


Modern day feminism is pro-abortion and anti-men and has morphed into a destructive cancer with no redeeming qualities.

Freedom of speech:

I no longer support free speech.

Gay Marriage:

A key tactic of cultural Marxists to push the normalization of homosexuality, undermine the Catholic Church, and destroy the family unit.

Giving women the vote:

A mistake as women vote with emotion as compared to logic. The growth of the welfare state originated from when women were given the vote.

Globalism vs Nationalism:

I am firmly on the side of nationalists.


I believe in small government, low taxes, and little to no welfare. People should rely on themselves first and government as a final resort.


A sin, a weakness and personal stagnation that some men who fall into are strong enough to overcome.


With our present population levels no country should require immigration in order to function. (On a tangent note I do not believe that a country’s population must always be growing.) Any immigrants to a country must integrate and learn the languages and customs of his host country. Small numbers of immigrants will always be a reality due to circumstances such as marriage, but I am firmly opposed to importing migrants on a large scale. If you import Africans eventually you’ll get Africa.

March through the institutions:

An extremely effective tactic of cultural Marxists to assume control of Western culture by infiltrating its soft underbelly of education, courts, law, schools, public service, and civic associations. My personal belief is that the only way to recover the situation is to scrap the lot and start again from scratch.


Although under attack for four generations, men have proven in general to be surprisingly resilient to progressive propaganda as regards masculinity.


Hopelessly compromised by Leftist dogma and progressive ideology.


A lie and a betrayal of Western culture. Not all cultures are equal. If you believe they are then go and live in Africa or Afghanistan and see how you like it.

Political correctness:

A better term would be political cowardice. The term itself is an attack on free speech and an attempt at group control by mind think.

My political stance:



A term coined by Trotsky in the 1920s in order to combat criticism of Soviet policy. The term itself makes no sense but has been extremely effective at stopping logical argument on difficult topics.


I am Roman-Catholic.


Sufferers of an insanity who would probably benefit from being institutionalized.


Indoctrination centers of progressive ideology that charge students ridiculous fees for the privilege of being brainwashed. This enormous accumulation of personal debt before young people enter the workforce then conditions them to fight for more welfare and bigger government due to their own personal circumstances.