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Men of worth are interested.

Women give birth to babies, men give birth to ideas, (if I were to be uncharitable then I might point out that men can give birth to their due without any assistance.) Why is this important? Well, men must understand this truism if they are to succeed. It is said that the genes of only 20% of men are passed on to the next generation. That’s nice and all, but who ever remembers the sons of greatness? It is the ideas that count and the manner in which they are manifested. So you have had a son; so what? What have you done? What have you accomplished? What will you leave behind? Your sons and daughters will most probably rebel against you and become the next Boomer generation. They are incidental. So it has always been.

If a man should have ideas, and if those ideas be worthy of being made manifest, then he had better be interesting. As men it is our duty to have interests. Having interests implies that we are interested. Are you interested in children? Are you one of those men that one sees carrying around his toddler progeny on a Sunday afternoon in some sort of backpack contraption? Please. Spare me. You’re an honorary woman.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The secret source edition.

The world didn’t end this week so it appears that I have to rise from my slumbers once again to prepare the linkiest and hawtest publication of the week, that readers all around the world anticipate with much anticipation. I wrote those words yesterday and then I ran out of things to say, got another coffee, thought about it again, and then gave up and went to work. Look, if it ain’t flowing then it ain’t going, that’s how I roll. You guys deserve the best, not some random words and feelings tossed out onto the screen like a royal wave at a high school. This shit is real, man.

Pretentious, io?

I’ve got some good stuff for you all this week. Some good links, some nice comparisons, the occasional word to make you ponder, and of course, the hawtness that are the hawt chicks from my very own secret source.

On with it.

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Which gay slur did Pattinson use?

Cricket seems genteel on the surface to the casual observer, but in reality it is a hard game fought by harder men. You don’t stand in the Australian summer sun for 8 hours wearing whites on a field devoid of all shade without a little bit of heart. Likewise, a batsman facing a fast bowler coming in to deliver a ball which is more or less constructed of rock that was used by Roman soldiers for their slings, must remember that you do not back away; rather you put your best foot forward. And all the padding and fancy helmets in the world won’t save you if you get the ball in the wrong place.

Hard men playing a hard game in a harsh environment means that there is no room for lightweights. Men are tested not just in their physical bearing but also in their mental abilities. The art of sledging is part and parcel of cricket. Sledging is on field banter designed to get under the skin of opposing players. I myself may have on occasion told batsmen who were annoying me to turn over their bat so as to read the instructions on the other side. One of the better sledges in cricket history took place between Australian Rod Marsh and English player Ian Botham.

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Your backyard is an endangered ecosystem.

Yesterday’s post about a man who went to jail for clearing hazardous scrub on his own land against the threat of bush fires was supposed to be my final one on this topic. But then reader Dan ruined that idea by leaving this comment:

I am suffering this in Oz, won’t mention where, I have had local authorities assess my land for clearing and “discover” it is a state and federally protected endangered ecosystem.

This ecosystem pre white man had 50 trees per hectare (parkland) but mine has about 1000. Its overrun scrub with native and non native invasive species and becoming worse.

I am not so much has allowed to cut down 1 tree without a federal OK. Half my 300 farm is not able to be farmed. When it goes up in fire, and it will, it will wipe itself out.

Rather than have a landholder manage it, they prefer it destroyed. Like everything they touch.

Once again, the process is the punishment. This is an important comment from a man who is suffering the very travails of which I have written.

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Clear your land and go to jail.

Just a quick one this morning, (that’s what she said …)

I wrote two pieces last week on the Aussie bush fires. In both of them I made the point that landowners in Australia are prosecuted by government for attempting to manage their own land. I was pointed to this article dated 2013 which outlines the case of a Western Australian farmer who did clear some scrub on his property for fire breaks and ended up in jail.

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The Woke Club.

“We need frugality, darling. That’s a real word, trust me; gorgeous, isn’t it. I want to base the living space on flow, like the flowing essence of what it means to be alive and in the now, in the here and now, right now at this moment. Do you get what I mean? It has to be futuristic but also modern. Are those two different things? You need to combine them, darling girl. I want geometric patterns that if I turn suddenly and catch it with my eye then it reveals an entirely different palette of emotional trust.”

To make her point, Roxy spins suddenly and then jerks her head around to catch a glimpse of something unseen, demonstrating in the moment that presumably she had watched the Austin Powers films more than a couple of times.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The cowboy music edition.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m gonna write. How to stir the pot and shake things up in a new way today. Better not forget me a bunch of those old trusty cliches, oh no sirree. You want to know what’s hard? Oh, you don’t? Allrighty then. I’ll keep my professional whinings to myself. Nobody wants to hear a complainer anyway. We’re all just supposed to get on with it. Get on with it!

Getting on with it is for chumps, that’s what I reckon. We should all be more selfish, that’ll surely make things more bearable for everyone concerned. Like when you’re waiting at a red arrow that when it turns green only remains that way for the length of most modern marriages, and then the car in front of the line just sits there and sits there and sits there until finally it jerks into motion as the light turns orange and the second car breaks.

The worst thing about that little scenario, a scenario mind you that has played out in my life a thousand times and will surely do so again, the worst part about that little scene is the second and third cars that don’t lean on their horns. They’re the ones that I really want to drag from their Toyota Prius and Tesla Wank and beat to death with their own arm that I ripped off with my bare hands.

Just sayin’.

Anyhoo, we’ve got some links and stuff this week. On with it.

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My first step to being deplatformed.

A few months ago I moved my blog off WordPress due to their sudden banning of Roissy with no warning and no appeal possible. WordPress had never given me a warning but I figured better safe than sorry.

For all of my public nationalist right views, a few of which have gone viral at different times, I have never come under the evil gaze of those in charge. My books are on Amazon, Kindle and Audible. I use Soundcloud as well for my podcasts. Thus far nothing had come up to give me concern that the malicious eye had turned towards me.

Until this morning.

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The Australian fires are the fault of us all.

Last week I wrote about how forest mismanagement in Australian forests has created an artificial water crisis. But the decision not to actively manage forests and to let forest debris and scrub build up has other consequences as well, particularly in a harsh environment such as Australia.

This has meant a massive increase in forest undergrowth which looks absolutely lovely in winter with the rain settling on the pretty forests and absolutely terrifying in summer when the static spark from your nylon dress brushing the ground might be enough to start a raging inferno. There will always be fires in the Australian bush but the scope that we see today is off the charts. Inevitably this is put down to the other great new god of climate change. How could it not be so?

Unfortunately these were timely words as a couple of days later the east coast of central Australia exploded into flames.

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A rallying call for Kevin.

A week ago I gave a shout out to Kevin at The Other McCain who has had a really shitty run of luck and is now searching for a new place to live. Now I want to make it officially official that he needs our help.

For those that don’t know, Kevin has been a large part of the success of this humble site. A few months after I began I approached Kevin to get on the almost daily link posts at The Other McCain. It was cheeky, I admit, but I ran with the line that their site could benefit from an Aussie connection.

Sometimes cheekiness pays off. Because of that exposure my site went from strength to strength and I formed other valuable contacts and even friendships through that network. It was that important. If you read and enjoy this site it could well be that you found it because of Kevin’s generosity.

I don’t ask you guys to donate to me. But on occasion I do like to rally the troops and help out someone else. So If you can spare him a few bucks, please do so. You have my heartfelt thanks.

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