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Don’t look down

The other day I caught a documentary on tennis player Jimmy Connor’s epic run and last hurrah at the 1991 US Open. I have never been much of a fan of tennis but I could appreciate the head to head battle that it occasionally is while watching the footage. But there were a couple of things that stood out to me.

First of all, Connors is a real prick who did anything to win. Anything. I have to admire that. Connors is good at being a man, and he was spectacular at being competitive and turning that into a tool for winning when he didn’t have a right to be victorious. He used the crowd to his advantage, and he used conflict, often invented, to rev up himself and by default the spectators, inevitably bringing them onto his side of the court. Even though everyone hated Jimmy, in the end you wanted him to win.

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This is why prog women are so angry all the time

There used to be a video gaming site called The Escapist which was popular for about three weeks in 2007. It was a Marxist progressive infested shithole before most of us even began to understand what that meant. Apart from gaming it attempted to cover stuff called “popular culture” which was code for, ‘gradually infect your audience with strange terminology like “white privilege” and “intersectionality”, whatever the fuck that means.’ One of its popular culture attempts was movie reviews which were covered in cartoon video form by a guy calling himself “Movie Bob”, whose real name is Bob Chipman.

In 2014 when the gaming shit was going down Movie Bob went all-in on #GamerGate for the progs. At the time, I went all-in on #GamerGate for the heroes of the revolution. Movie Bob would call somebody like me insufficiently evolved. I would call someone like Movie Bob a basement dwelling fat version of Gollum. So we’re about equal.

The Other McCain did a piece on Movie Bob where it turns out that in the last few years Movie Bob has outed himself as a male feminist.

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Trump will win

“Trump will win.” That is my answer when someone brings up the recent and fraudulent US election. If someone is a card carrying believer in the MSM, this statement comes as a slap across the face with a wet face mask. Curiously, they do not laugh, these true believers. They go red in the face. They clench their fists. They splutter and mutter, and they attempt to revert to ridicule but their first reaction obliterates that escape.

Because they are unsure. They do not know what is happening.

From other people I get a different kind of reaction. First there is surprise, and they ask me to explain further. So I tell them the truth. I tell them that the Democrats put no effort at all into winning the election. All I have to do is to mention Biden’s few solitary speeches to empty parking lots from behind his face mask. Compare that to Trump’s unrelenting schedule of up to three rock star conferences a day, to packed and exuberant crowds.

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Site Issues

There have been some issues with the website over the past few weeks which I want to mention briefly. My site uses a WordPress skin but it is privately hosted so I cannot fall foul of the woke brigade. Last week the site went down for about 12 hours which was caused by increased traffic. It hurts to be popular. So we increased the server load for the site which costs me money but that’s okay as I don’t do internet begging.

As an aside, I cannot for the life of me understand the mentality of bloggers who start up a site, work to make it popular and then suddenly start demanding money for their services. Nobody asked you to set up a website. So don’t start moaning after the fact and trying to guilt trip your readers into giving you money, you worthless cheapskates.

Anyway, yesterday and today the site went down a couple of times again. This one we’re not so sure about as the traffic numbers are the same. It could be something innocent or it could be nefarious. Either way hopefully we’ll have it fixed soon.


It has been identified as DOS attacks. So someone doesn’t like me. Boo hoo.

Makes me feel good. Means that I am on target, as usual.

Quitting all mainstream media

The events of the past week have caused a change in my daily habits. It has long been my habit to read The Australian newspaper, or at least glance through it. Once I would have counted it as being on the right. At best it was probably conservative back when that word meant something, a deceit for sure, but a comfortable one.

I cannot read that newspaper anymore, not after seeing what it has written leading up to this 2020 US election and its obvious and pathetic efforts to proclaim the Democrat usurper the winner. I suppose that I have educated myself over these years and now the lies and untruths are simply too much to endure. I cannot abide the lies that these mainstream media outlets disseminate.

In fact, I have not opened the website of The Australian since last Wednesday. And I do not intend to ever look at it again.

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Requested guidance for a young man

I received a letter from a reader, which I will as always keep confidential. However, as I was replying I thought that my reply could be of benefit to others in a similar situation. I will not post the reader’s letter but a part of it will be beneficial so as to put my response in context.

My question to you is how can I move forward as a man given my past? I would like help from maybe a priest or a pastor but the left has shut down all churches and places of worship in the United States essentially, and I believe I need to be guided in the right direction. I know if you have committed one sin in the eyes of God, you have committed all sin and you merely have to ask for forgiveness since that’s the reason Jesus died for us, but I feel there is something missing. So far I have been hitting the gym and lifting weights, and focusing on my job to pay for school and my school work. Do you think there is anything more I can be doing to better myself than I am already attempting to do?

My response to him below the cut.

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Stick a fork in the USA

When a man is in a bad relationship there may come a time when he is forced to an end point by external pressures. In these heretical times that is usually a divorce brought by the woman because her short term feelings are no longer satisfied. In any case, for the man in question that moment is simultaneously the worst time and the best time. It is the worst time because disloyalty and deception on such a personal scale is devastating. But it is also the best time because now he finally knows the real lay of the land and he can delude himself no longer. It is the time to begin to rebuild in God’s image.

However, many many men continue to delude themselves long past the time when it is obvious to all who choose to glance at it. Many men also do not learn from the hard lesson and they double down in an attempt to cloister themselves in warm feelings of comfort, hearkening back to a time when they once assumed that they were happy. Some men do not have the strength to face the abyss where they momentarily find themselves and they turn to external vices to cope, ironically anchoring themselves in the abyss forever. In short, there are many false trails and traps along these pathways. To keep your head while you are embraced in a cyclone of emotions is a hard task. Yet hard tasks are what we are here for.

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The fix is in

There is enough confusion and false trails among the simple act of counting some votes that point to the obvious conclusion that the fix is in. Hell, even third world shitholes are better able to run elections than what is transpiring in the USA right now. As I have said on numerous occasions over the past few weeks, the left has not been preparing to win this election; they have been preparing to steal it. They were prepared to steal it even if they were going to win legitimately, an unlikely prospect to be sure, but that is how deep this goes.

People, this is not a normal election, even for the behemoth that is the United States. The left has crossed the line where anything goes, and they crossed it during the last four years. Whatever it takes is now all that matters. If this includes the complete trashing of the foundational institutions that make up a Western nation then understand that that is viewed by the left as a bonus play.

Or it may be the end goal.

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We used to burn witches

Care of James we come across this feast for the senses.

Imagine being cared for by that lot. I’d rather masturbate with a cheese grater while listening to the Moody Blues. The only way they’ll ever get me in a hospital is if I’m dead.

He is not some sort of god-emperor

Tomorrow the USA formerly goes to the polls. I continue to be a fan and supporter of Donald Trump, as I have been from the first day that he stood with sixteen other hopefuls for the Republican nomination in 2015. He has done many great things in the face of near total adversity and internal and external sabotage. He has made many missteps but that is as it always will be with mortals prone to error, as we all are.

What he is most decidedly not is some sort of god-emperor, a moniker enthusiastically used by many on this side of the internet. This sort of hero-worship is not merely embarrassing, nor only self-defeating; it goes against the tenants of the Christian Church. There is only one Lord that we hold to save us from our sins and our plight on earth, and that is Jesus Christ. We do a disservice to Trump by elevating him in this manner, not to mention the disservice we do to ourselves and our own spiritual faith.

We pray that God will help guide Trump to a much deserved victory and that he will be blessed during the next four years with a healthy mind and body to continue his good work, missteps and all. But if he should stumble or be taken away then though this will be a blow it will not be the end. We should look to ourselves and to our Lord above all things. If anything Trump has shown that great things can be done by holding firm to your belief and your convictions. In that he is a receptacle of our Lord’s grace.

But in the end he is just a man, nothing more, as are we all. He leads by example but it is the hope and vigor that he has given so many around the world who were without voice that is the inspiration. We have found our voices and may we hold them loud and clear whatever happens tomorrow.

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