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Killing off the soy boys.

At its core the Chinese pox has been a non-event, a poor starter in the field, tumbling to last in the golden slipper virus stakes. It trails the field so very badly that one would almost feel compelled to urge it to stop, to desist from continuing to embarrass itself. Its measly mortality rates are surely the stuff of epic limericks, hardly suited to the giddy heights of an outbreak of smallpox or the black death.

But in its poor performance hides hints of some could have beens. It coulda’ been a contender. And had it got its infectious act together, why, the results might have been out of this world.

Consider that initially the obese were in grave danger to succumbing to its lethal charms. If you were overweight, you were in trouble. No pleas of fat acceptance were likely to counter the very real problem that emerged from devoting your life to being a fat and unhealthy pile of lard when the virus came a knockin’. Most hilarious for me were the pathetic cries of woe from the American black community that this was a racist virus as it targeted their over represented demographic in lard arses and mighty bottoms, seemingly unaware that the contagion had already demonstrated a liking for Chinese males.

About that.

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Podcast #143 – The stupidity episode.

The one where I observe that we are quite possibly living through the most stupid period of human history.

In other words, hell on earth.

Our mothers are only worried that people may die.

Note: no links this week, it’s been an absolute ball buster for me as you may have noticed from the lack of posting.

Over the past week I have seen a number of reports and articles which have given me a sense of gratification. I have been bashing away at this blog for over five years, but many of the arguments that I put forth have been part of my quiver of opinions for many more years than that. One of my main positions is in regards to the self destructive policy of elevating women in order to fulfill a quota system based on the ridiculous notion that more women doing stuff inherently results in a positive outcome.

It doesn’t. But worse than that it results in a negative outcome, and there are many forms of these undesirable results. This policy of advocating for women has been going on for more than thirty years. It was dreamed up and pushed by the Baby Boomer cohort and it is the number one reason why I hold that generation in complete disdain. Up until now the negative outcomes have been too dispersed or too difficult to directly identify in such a way that the general population would be able to wake up and see what has been going on.

But the worldwide overreaction to the Chinese sniffles has provided ample opportunities for women to show why they are supremely unqualified for the positions which they hold entirely as a result of their biological sex.

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Posted without comment.

Robot music.

When I was a wee lad, getting hit over the knuckles by a ruler wielded by my clinically insane female music teacher was just something that had to be suffered. So too with the psychological torture. She saved her most disturbing practices for when she taught what she called “music theory” but which I knew as, ‘you will suffer; you will suffer long and hard.’

One of the topics that 8 year old Adam had to master was a collection of Italian words and phrases. You see, Italian is the language of music. When something is played at andante then the translation used by musicians would be ‘at an easy walking pace’. This is what is known as tempo. Now crucially, in a single piece of music the tempo can change from section to section. In a very simplified manner there is the common verse/chorus pattern of popular music. Typically a verse will be slower than a chorus, (although not always), while a chorus will speed things up a bit. This delivers an emotional response to the music from the listener.

In other words, music needs to be dynamic in order to be successful.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The I want to speak to the sergeant edition.

A member of Australia’s constabulary dropped by this week to give us an update on how the boys in blue approach the unmysterious entity known as a Karen.

Being a police officer in one of the smaller states Down Under (where the government’s Wuhan Virus rules are pretty relaxed) the rise of the Karen is irrefutable. It has however offered me and my like-minded officers a never-ending source of amusement when we mess with the child-like mind of the Karen…

Grabbing lunch on-duty from a cafe still allowed to open, Karen waddles over and demands to know what we’re doing about some group of boys at the skate park. My fellow officer and I decided a full investigation was needed. “Are they any good at skateboarding?” “Do you have evidence such a group is actually there?” Proceeds to play video of boys skating and taunting her. “Why are you filming children in public?” “Are you aware my steak sandwich is getting cold?”

The Karen was by now ready to explode. Demanded to speak to the Sergeant, that’ll be me. She stormed out and drove off in a car with an expired registration. Now I take my job seriously so a traffic stop and a ticket was the only course of action available to me.

Look for the bright side lads. We need never fear a Karen being a silent enemy, they advertise their insanity for all to see

The Friday hawt chicks & links is heartened by this overwhelmingly sensible approach to the rise of the female snitches in our midst. How satisfying it must be to be able to inform the Karen that you yourself are in fact the manager, or in this case, the sergeant. Asking to see the sergeant is the police force equivalent of the Karen demanding to see the manager. And by see, we mean browbeat while informing the manager-type that their own staff are at best suspect and at worst complicit in the crimes that the Karen has identified.

Other variances on the theme of demanding to see the manager might include the following:

The Karen demands to speak with the pilot; with the owner; with the captain; with the head groundskeeper; with the doctor; with the winemaker; with the lead guitarist; with the stage manager; with the editor; with the chief mechanic; with the general; and with Darth Vader.

But for every sergeant with his head screwed on right there are multiple examples of the following:

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The answer to the Karen is the patriarchy.

The Karen meme has jumped from our disturbed corner of the internet to the mainstream media and into general awareness. That it has done so in such a successful manner is due to a few factors.

  1. It is funny.
  2. It is accurate.
  3. People in general are sick to death of Karens.

The predictable Karen reaction has also taken place which is to declare with full confidence and a lack of any authority that the meme is sexist and horrible and that anyone propagating it is a horrible horrible person that the authorities should investigate immediately. Thus, for those who live in a formerly traditional Anglo-Saxon nation, the chances of the police turning up at your door for suspected Karen-crime are unfortunately rather good.

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Take your democracy and shove it.

You just bet against the American economy. If we’re right people lose homes, people lose jobs, people lose retirement savings, people lose pensions. You know what I hate about fucking banking? It reduces people to numbers. Well here’s a number – every 1% unemployment goes up, 40,000 people die. Did you know that?

The Big Short.


Lockdown will lead to 29 times more deaths than corona virus.

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Do not let Kristina ‘Karen’ Keneally off the hook for immigration.

Australian Labor Senator for NSW and federal opposition spokeswoman on immigration and home affairs, Kristina Keneally, penned an article in the Sydney Morning Herald calling for migration levels to be dramatically curtailed in favor of jobs and training for native Australians. This has caused some consternation in the ranks of the ruling class, to put it mildly.

… under John Howard, Australia started to favour temporary migration over permanent settlement, resembling more and more a guest worker nation.

Scott Morrison took this policy shift to its political conclusion. In a cynical move, Morrison capped permanent migration at 160,000 a year and claimed it as a “congestion busting” measure, but at the same time allowed temporary migration to soar to historically high levels.

Unlike permanent visas, temporary visas are uncapped. As at June 2019 there were 2.1 million temporary visa holders here. Australia hosts the second largest migrant workforce in the OECD, second in total number only to the US.

Scott Morrison might have made a cyclical move, but this is an incredibly cynical piece from a woman who has been at the forefront of the political classes’ push for immigration over the last 20 years.

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Podcast #142 – The gullibility episode.

The entire western world seems to believe everything on the media.

Maybe they have a point.

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