Muh gross domestic products!

Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten, (BS for short), unveiled Labor’s future election policies in a speech at Revesby Workers’ Club in western Sydney. BS has five, count them, five policies:

  1. Improving schools and hospitals, (more taxation and government theft.)
  2. Standing up for workers, (more support for militant unions.)
  3. Easing pressure on family budgets, (socialism – there were no family budget issues in the Soviet Union.)
  4. Ensuring a strong economy, (Labor will begin appropriating private enterprise on behalf of “the workers!”
  5. Investing in cleaner and cheaper energy, (all hail the great climate god Gaia.)

He also plans to have 50% female representation in the parliament. Politicians will not be chosen for what personal experience, knowledge, or expertise they bring to the table, but instead will be selected for their private parts. Soon our once great land will be no country for white men.

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The battle lines.

Sunday is not normally a day for politics on the old blog, but with the confirmation of Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh breaking this morning, what other choice do I have? Certainly it caps a glorious run of winning for President Trump, and make no mistake about it, this nomination and confirmation was his victory. The wonderful thing for Republicans is that finally many of them have woken up and understood that if they hitch their wagons to his train then much glory will be heaped upon them.

The turning point in the Kavanaugh hearings was when Trump publicly commented on the ludicrous nature of the Democrat’s main witness and accuser, an act which he performed against the wishes and advice of almost everyone around him.

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Apparently Milo is going to save Australia.

I’ve returned from a week away from home to the news that apparently Milo is going to save Australia. Seriously.

Apparently Milo has joined forces with the perennially single Ann Coulter for a whirlwind tour to tell us all how to save Australia. Sorry, teach us all. They’re going to learn us.

Ann and Milo will teach you how to save Australia.

For some reason these two are under the impression that Australia is the last remaining bastion for free speech or something. I shit you not:

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Book review – SJWs Always Double Down.

There is a striking paradox in the systematic behavior of SJWs as they ruthlessly take down an organization through years of patient and calculated manipulative attacks, when juxtaposed with their obvious ignorance, ineptitude, and teenage temper tantrums when an event such as the Kavanaugh nomination plays out across our screens.

How is it possible that individuals who are barely able to tie their own shoelaces in the morning lest they have to deal with the angst of shoelace cultural appropriation, are able to brilliantly subvert and destroy venerable institutions that have stood the test of time, as well as ruthlessly take down and destroy high profile and powerful individuals?

The answer is in the hive mind collective that is a central function of the SJW world. These people have been indoctrinated since the beginning of their school years, a process which is cruelly accelerated once they begin paying for university, while a growing number of them are indoctrinated online. A bee is not that smart, but even a bee can find a flower, take the pollen, and then make its way back to the hive. It has one job and it will do that one job over and over and over again until it ceases to be.

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