Stefan in the middle.

A follow up to my article last week on Gavin McInnes and his craven pandering to his prog masters that he so obediently serves. In the article I stated the following:

The reason that I go after these guys is that they are not on our side. They are not on the Left’s side either, because they are on their own side. Their side is their respective edgy careers which they cultivate at our own expense. They are worse than the Left because at least the Left have the dim courage to pick a side. The edgytarians throw the Right under a bus at the very first sign that their online careers are at risk of being pulled.

I also mentioned Stefan Molynieux in passing in the piece but I didn’t focus on him as all the love was going to Gav. But keep the above quote from yours truly in mind when you read the following tweet:

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Older brother podcast #30 – The anime girlfriend pillow episode.

It’s been a tough week thus far for yours truly due to long hours at work coupled with the efforts to fight off a bad cold, (fingers crossed will remain successful.) Thus my output isn’t there as my energy levels are low. But I did manage to record a podcast last night with Aaron Clarey where we answer a few of his Arsehole Consulting requests.

Losing friends because you’re a Trump supporter.
Your uber Christian parents.
Dating after divorce…or not.
Your Japanese Anime Girlfriend Pillow.
How to sustain a successful society.


Book review: Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker.

After reading Vox Day’s new book, Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker, it is now clear that Peterson’s bestselling 12 Rules for Life is a complete projection on his part of his own very real and personal fears and weaknesses, and the temptations from which he constantly attempts to shield his conscious mind. If my previous opinion of Peterson was scathing, it has now entered the realm of sheer amazement that the man is able to tie his shoelaces in the morning, let alone function in the real world.

Perhaps the reason for this is that Peterson does not inhabit the real world. He is a professor of a discredited pseudoscience itself inhabiting the discredited world of  elite universities. Added to this is his new environment of the insular and globalist hierarchy that is the mainstream media. Peterson is a star ascendant but like any man on the rise he has to pay his dues and prove himself useful to those that hold the real power.

And Peterson’s great usefulness is his ability to deceive. He is an exceptional deceiver and the basis for his aptitude is grounded in the lies that he tells himself and which he subsequently believes. But such a man must obviously struggle with his many personal problems and neuroses which is why he wrote 12 Rules for Life.

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Encouraging courageous women.

Last night I got my hair cut by my local barber. He has a little set up in a men’s fashion store in a town close to where I live. A young Dutch girl works in the store. She is 18 years old and of your typical Dutch stock – blonde, curvy, and big breasted. She is a beautiful young lady and quite lovely in nature as well, always smiling and exuding warmth and comfort.

We were talking after I had finished my session in the barber’s chair and I discovered that she has been seeing the same boyfriend for 4 years. In other words, since she was 14. I was surprised at this and she admitted that this is the common reaction when people discover this tidbit of information.

I mentioned that I found this news to be very gratifying and I wished her every success. I also stated in an off-hand way that I hoped that she would get married to her beau soon and have lots of beautiful babies.

She positively beamed when I said this and I immediately knew that this is indeed her intention. No job, no career, no expensive university qualification. A wife and mother and a builder of a stable family unit.

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