Podcast #102 – David Hiscox from XYZ magazine.

After the raging success of last week’s episode where I had Didact on as a guest I decided to repeat the experiment and get someone else on as well. To be honest it’s a lot easier than talking to yourself for an hour and trying to remain sane.

This week’s guest is David Hiscox from XYZ Magazine which is an Australian nationalist publication and very much to the right. We talked about the history of his site and his future plans, ethno-nationalism in Australia, biological reality, and the importance of having skin in the game.

Sunday lifting thread – Fixing the bench press.

Out of all the core barbell lifts I find that the bench press is the most difficult one to self regulate your technique. It’s hard to know if you’re doing the bench press incorrectly simply because you can always get the bar down to your chest and back up again as long as the weight that you’re lifting allows you to push through the mistakes that you’re making.

But if there is one lift that I have continuously failed to make significant gains then that lift is the bench press. Which means that I am doing it wrong. I have the Starting Strength book which has a great deal of information on this lift. I have watched numerous videos on this lift as well. For example:

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You went to college to find yourself, well now you have to pay up.

As the college debt bubble balloons to unsustainable proportions, and as more and more college graduates belatedly discover that a seemingly reasonable choice of degree is no longer a ticket to a good job or even a career, there are increasing calls for college debt to be “forgiven”. Of course, debt cannot disappear; someone always has to pay. Usually either the debtor pays or the creditor pays, but when you hear calls for debt to be forgiven, forgotten, and thrown on the scrapheap, what this inevitably means is that the taxpayer will have to pay.

Taxpayers coughing up the money for other people’s mistakes is now a feature not a bug of our modern crony capitalist world. Six months after completion of the Opal Tower apartment block in Sydney, large cracks appeared in the building forcing all residents to temporarily move out. This made headlines in Australia and in short order there were calls for the government to come to the rescue. And by government they mean the taxpayer.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The time warp edition.

It’s Friday which means links and hawtness, what more could you ask for as you roll your way into another weekend. This weekend has come faster than any dirty metaphor that you care to poke something naughty at. I mean, it’s positively flown right by me. This must mean that I’m getting old. Pretty soon I reckon that I’m going to understand what the speed of light means. Those old folks that toddle around really slow are merely attempting to brace themselves against the sheer awfulness of watching time accelerate to warp speed around them.

I remember when I was 8 how slow the winter session of school went. Waiting for that 2nd term to finish was literally the slowest experience of my life. The second slowest experience was waiting to get laid when I was a horny teenager. But now life moves fast, and if you don’t slow down it might pass you by, or something like that in some movie some time in some other place.

So I have some links for you, and some resident hawtness. I hope that they tickle your parts that cause you to laugh and squirm. But unless you’re female, hawt, and under 25, I don’t want to visualize any of that. I reckon that most of my readers won’t fall into that category. Probably none actually. Thank God for that.

On with it.

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The Townsville floods were supposed to be someone else’s problem.

Australia has been coping with relentless heat across the entire continent as well as pouring rain and floods in the Far North. Of course, this has generated much media coverage here in Europe. In Holland where I live, lately people have begun commenting to me on the present awful state of affairs in my home country as regards the climate. My standard response is to guffaw inappropriately, roll my eyes, and declare that what Australia is going through right now is simply called summer. It happens a lot over there, like every 9 months or so.

My interlocutors inevitably express surprise at my declaration that nothing special is happening right now down under in Australia. If they persist I regale them with some of the maximum temperatures that I labored under while working in mining exploration in the Western Australian desert. Or the time when I was in high school in the mid 80s when we had more than 90 days in a row where the daytime temperature never got below 35 degrees Celsius. Without air conditioning.

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