Friday links & hawtness time.

Another week, another weekend to come, another hawt chick, oh and a bunch of links and vids. It’s F1 grand prix weekend here in Melbourne and I live close enough to the track to hear the cars doing their speedy thing, as well as the stunt aircraft which are peppering my house with low level dive bombing missions as I type. Despite my long and distinguished F1 fandom career I will not be attending this weekend due to the last few seasons being terrifying in their epic levels of boredom. This is precisely due to the convoluted miss mash of rules that have reduced the cars to sounding like tinker-box toys. So I will be able to ascertain whether or not they have fixed this issue by relaxing on my terrace to hopefully hear the sweet sounds of petrol-heads. To be confirmed. Anyway, on with the show.

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You don’t go back to church because you believe in God.

The late Christopher Hitchens’ released God is not Great: how religion poisons everything in 2007. He coupled its publication with a series of live debates with various religious leaders where he used his vast oratorical skills to overcome his ideological opponents. But even though he was a masterful speaker and debater, his arguments on religion are weakened by a few fundamental flaws.

One of Hitchens’ core arguments was that he did not require a heavenly body to guide him on how to be a moral human being. He was able to be a good person in spite of God not because of His existence. But Hitchens was a product of his cultural and social environment, an environment which was firmly rooted in the traditions of Christianity. To claim that his civility was not a result of his civilization is pure ignorance at best.

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Daddy Issues.

If you want the clearest answer to why women’s liberation is a bad idea then just stop by the solipsistic train wreck that is feminism. Third wave feminism is what happens when you don’t keep women in line. We can only hope that in the future it will be studied, (in real and recovered institutions of higher learning), as a core example in a philosophy class populated entirely by young men.

Feminism is simply women without limits, and like dogs and children, if you do not prescribe limits on women they will become extremely unhappy. They push the limits precisely because they are searching for the boundaries within which they can happily dwell, freed from the tormented demons that run amok in their pretty and convoluted heads.

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The future is clear – Marry up, red pill boys!

A very interesting post from the great heartiste where he examines the demographic breakdown of voters in the recent US election.

Audacious E and Steve Sailer stress that the real dividing line is, and continues to be, marrieds versus unmarrieds rather than women versus men. I wonder though if AE & SS haven’t missed what I consider the most telling demographic Trump vote share revelation. As anonymous over at Sailer’s comments,
Which of these things is not like the others?

Single white women: 39.0
Married white women: 61.4
Single white men: 59.0
Married white men: 61.0

Roissy goes on to say,

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