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False Compassion

A presentation from the late Bishop Fulton Sheen on the subject of false compassion. I believe that it aired in 1968. There are some wonderful quotes and wordplay in the speech. Social slobberers is particularly memorable. So much so that I made the above meme. Too good to pass up. Oh, and everything that he warned about came to pass.

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Democracy and Communism are natural bedfellows

William Wildblood has written a piece on how we are now all Communists, or at least living under such regimes in all but name.

This allegation will be dismissed by those who only see society in economic terms but if you look at things from a social or cultural perspective, the conclusion is hard to avoid. For a start, everything, even much religion once you scratch the surface, is now atheistic and materialistic. These are the bedrock assumptions of communist dogma and, even if there was nothing else, show its essentially evil quality …

… In practise there are always two classes in a communist society. There is the elite and then the rest. The elite have the power and most of the wealth …

… the real goal of communism is  a spiritual one. It came about to break the connection between man and God and isolate man in the material world, separated from his Maker.

I don’t disagree with any of this. Where I do disagree is that these ills are restricted to Communism.

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Holidays, baby

I’m on holiday which is nice. I’m staying home, not traveling anywhere. I don’t need the stress with all of the virus bullshit. So I can chill out at home on my deck over the lagoon in front of the windmill, mix some drinks and smoke some cigars, do some barbequing. And sleep in. I’m normally up at five in the morning every day, but this morning I woke up at nine. It feels good man, it feels good.

I went to the bank this morning to do some banking stuff. The ludicrous mask mandate was dropped a few weeks ago, which coincided nicely with me taking time off. But the idiot female at the bank insisted that I stand behind the hanging plastic screen from which behind she surveyed the world with an aura of palpable fear. She was probably mid-twenties and looked very healthy.

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Husbands must not unburden themselves

Over the last month, Jack at Sigma Frame has been running a series on the subject of masculinity. It’s been an interesting and informative series of discussions, although I have not followed all of the topics due to my at times overfamiliarity with the subject matter. In his roundup of the series, Jack approached some of the major questions raised and it was here that I found a real nugget. Once again, it is on a topic that has been gone over very many times but on this occasion it was presented in such a way that, for me at least, brought some real clarity.

The question and Jack’s answer is the following:

Q3. Should a woman ever be expected to be a faithful, loyal listener when a man needs to talk things through?

A3. As a theoretical ideal, yes. In reality, no.

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Let democracy die

I don’t do social media, but when I do it’s only on Gab. There are a lot of Christians on Gab, and when I chance to glance at it my feed is invariably filled with politics. At present the topics vary from Trump won, to Trump is a Jewish-controlled moron, to how this one Republican representative is the only one that gets it, (hint: she doesn’t), to something about ballot counting in Arizona, to how we need to form a real political party that represents real – insert your Anglo-Saxon nation here – and take back our nations, you get the drift.

It’s not just on Gab, it’s all around the websites and forums of the right. And I’m here to tell you that it’s the dead wrong approach. It’s not just a waste of time, it plays into the hands of the Enemy. Because democracy, our most lauded and precious democracy, is the work of the devil himself.

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A Christianity without God

This video describing the current pretender to the Papal throne and how he came to power was released a couple of weeks ago. It has some detail about the diabolical freemason involvement in the current state of the Church. It is interesting in that it suggests that the freemasonic elements were tricked into moving too soon, and by doing so have overplayed their hand.

One can only hope.

No hymen, no diamond

Those of us who inhabit this corner of the internet know that we toil in relative obscurity. Which is just fine as who needs the awful eye to impose its gaze upon us. But lately I have been seeing ideas and opinions that we have done over to death beginning to emerge in the mainstream. There is a saying in commodities that when something surfaces in a mainstream media outlet that any inherent value is already gone. Only the rubes and suckers will jump on the bandwagon at that stage, which is entirely the point.

So when one of our talking points emerges it means that the associated behaviors in the general population are more widespread than would be generally assumed. So from The Spectator we have the following article – The sexual counterrevolution is coming.

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On Race and Nationhood

Peter Grant has responded to my article that took issue with his thesis about South Africa and the Afrikaners. He disagrees with me which is fine. I am happy that he took the time and trouble to respond. It is through such dialogue that honest men can forge their opinions and ideas on matters of importance. And I consider Grant to be an honest man who is a fellow truth seeker. Which is why the tone of this article will be respectful.

Nevertheless, Grant is wrong. And he is not just wrong, but dangerously wrong.

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The Anthem of Gen X

A good discussion was had this week over at Vox Day’s site concerning the music that defines Generation X. For the record I am pure Gen X having come into this world in 1971. Vox’s list is good, and his defining song most worthy of the title, being Epic by Faith no More. But for me there is another song that I feel is the anthem of my generation.

Before we get to that it is important to establish who Gen Xers are. We were the latchkey generation, who came home from school to an empty house. Thus, we are the forgotten generation. We are still forgotten today as our demographic is too small for any real attention from marketers. The reason for the pitiful size of Gen X is that are parents were too busy focusing on themselves rather than having large families, (and as always, this discussion focuses on the Macro issues, not your Micro example of your 9 brothers and sisters which none of us care about so don’t bother bringing it up.)

But we have come to terms with our ostracism. And that is largely because the defining feature of Gen Xers is that we really don’t give a shit. That does not imply that we are deliberately rude or antisocial. It is simply the reality of being left to our own devices during our formative years. And it wasn’t just our parents who forgot about us. It was everyone. Our teachers, our employers, our coaches, our uncles; anybody that could have been a mentor for us abstained from the task. They didn’t give a shit about us so don’t be surprised that we don’t give a shit in general. We are the don’t give a shit generation.

So our anthem has to embrace this reality. Which means that it’s not just about the song itself, the music and the lyrics. It is about the music video, (a Gen X thing)  and the history of the song. So here we go.

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Biden is the most lunatic leader on the planet

This week marks the first time in the history of mankind that a leader of a nominally free country threatened his own citizens with nuclear warheads. With those words, Joe Biden just overstepped every tin pot dictator and ultra woke female prime minister to become the most lunatic national leader on the planet. Young Kim up in North Korea must be having the time of his life right now.

The case can also be made that he is the most deranged leader in world history. Not only is he threatening his own citizens with nuclear weapons, he is threatening the most populous armed citizenry in history. Not to mention that this comes a scant six months after the most fraudulent election since Idi Amin got a second term, meaning that over half of the country is seriously pissed off.

One of the very first things that the Nazis did was to confiscate all private firearms, and yet Hitler did not send Germany into full war mode until 1944. The reason was that he wanted to keep the German people as docile as possible. But not Biden. Either he is extremely stupid or extremely worried.

I would say that it is most likely equal measures of both.

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