Friday hawt chicks & links – The give peace a chance edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links thread is brought to you by the numbers 6 and 9, the letter X, the all new McDonald’s fillet o’ fish, the pope, the king of Norway, the Association of Scottish line-dancers, and the new amazing beer – where have you been all of my life – that I just discovered, Gulpener’s Chateau Neubourg pilsner. Holey moley this is a cracking beer.

And with that it’s linky time.

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Their tyranny is garbage.

The prog’s war on Anglo-Saxon culture via garbage recycling has just been stepped up a notch in my old home town of Perth.

Face your waste, Perth: would a clear bin make you throw out less?

Could see-through rubbish and recycling bins be what it takes to make people take responsibility for just how much they throw away?

A new environmental campaign is changing the face of the waste conversation by making people look at their waste and what they are putting into landfill.

Clear rubbish bins will replace traditional green bins in some local streets during the next eight weeks to draw attention to a new campaign to help people reduce their rubbish and recycling loads.

The campaign Face Your Waste, to be launched by Mindarie Regional Council next week, hopes to encourage a culture of waste minimisation and get people thinking about where their waste goes beyond their rubbish bin.

Apparently it’s now a ‘waste conversation’. You thought that you could just throw out your garbage but that wasn’t good enough. Then you accepted 5 different recycling bins and were guilt tripped into spending your every free moment picking through your own trash to separate it for no good reason at all. But did you think that it would really end there? Silly you.

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Your tattoos are horrible.

A reader asks for my opinion on tattoos.

Tattoos.. what do you think of them? Is this an acceptable feature for the modern man?

In a strange coincidence I had been contemplating a post on this topic only this week. Then I forgot about it, but now surreptitious chance has pushed it screaming to the fore for your benefit.

Let’s begin with the easy part of the question: tattoos on chicks.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The evil trannies edition.

The hawt chicks & links thread is back after a one week hiatus due to yours truly not getting my shit together. Over at The Other McCain there is an interesting story about trannies grooming young teenage men online. They encourage and coerce them into posting photos of themselves dressed in women’s clothing, and then they use this evidence to blackmail them into taking sex change drugs and becoming their boy/girl/thing toys. One of these victims then committed public suicide on Youtube.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Homosexuality and its offshoots are deviant behavior, which will attract deviants who commit even further deviant behavior under the homosexual umbrella. I called this post the evil trannies edition but that is actually a tautology as there are no “good” trannies. To be a trannie is to be sick, perverted and evil. Now we let these monsters near our kids.

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