The modern Christian fear of life, the universe, and everything.

A couple of posts on Dalrock’s blog this morning have put into context for me not just the sordid world of degeneracy that is Disney, but the utter and contemptible failure of Christian men to make any sort of stand on the matter of women and feminism, let alone provide any leadership. Let me be clear by saying that I knew of all of these pieces before, but somehow these two posts hit me between the eyes like a hammer. I actually read the two posts in reverse order so that is the way that I will present them here.

To start with is the Disney movie Frozen, along with a song from the film called Let it go. I first heard of these works when Vox Day recently mentioned them.  The main lyrics to the song are as follows:

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A further point on the comment policy.

Well the comment policy thread sure got a going over. Quite extraordinary really, particularly in light of the fact that all I said was that people had to be straight talking. To reiterate:

So here are the rules of the blog as regards to Jews. Feel free to criticize any Jew on their actions and their words just like we would criticize anyone else. Likewise, feel free to criticize Israel on its actions and policies, just like we would criticize any other nation.

But no insinuating. No stooping to nebulous half claims of Jewish conspiracy. No attributing actions to the fact that someone is a Jew. And (((this sort of thing))) will get you banned.

After which of course we got plenty of straight talking. I have not banned anyone as a result of those comments because they are exactly in line with what I requested. Commenter Richard Nichols in particular made a number of long comments on why he does not believe that the holocaust occurred as officially stated. Which is perfectly fine with me. Straight talking. That’s all I want.

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New comment policy and the JQ.

It’s been a pretty massive week on the blog for which I thank all of my readers and commenters, linkers and disseminaters. Something which has started to increase over the last few weeks is an increase in the number of spammers as well as a general change of their tactics.

Spammers can be placed into two categories: 6 year olds and 10 year olds. Until recently I only had the former who are characterized by a severe obviousness of intent. These are almost always caught by the spam catcher which over the life of the website has netted a total of 2235 6 year old scalps.

The 10 year olds are a little different. Their latest tactic is to leave a comment that is a slight step up from that of a 6 year old. The vast majority of these comments are left on articles that are over a month old. So from now on I am instigating an automatic ban on any unknown commenters leaving comments on old articles.

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COTW – Affirmative action is government mandated racism.

My article this week on black privilege got a lot of attention. It’s a topical subject and an important one. It got linked to over 2000 times on Facebook, which is the highest number for such dissemination for one of my articles. The reason for this amount of interest is because people can relate to how much affirmative action policies are damaging this country. Particularly in small regional communities around Australia.

Two comments on the piece illustrate this point.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The infestation edition.

Welcome to the smorgasbord of delights that infest the innermost recesses of the Friday hawt chicks & links thread. The infestastion levels are very high indeed this week. There’s more infestation here than in a two day funeral celebration in Madagascar.  More infestation than at a hairdresser who specializes in blue hair dye. More infestation than in the fat folds of Triggly Puff’s arms.

I have a hell of a lot of links this week. So much has caught my eye. So much is happening as 2017 ramps up to its awesome conclusion. And let us not forget that this week marked the first anniversary of the Trump victory and the cries of socialist rage that echoed around the world. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

But enough talk. On with it already.

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