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Big mommy

New Zealand votes today. If you believe the polls then the mega-woke socialist Marxist incumbent Ardern will blitz it in. James calls the Kiwis nongs for embracing full Communism after their free trial.

Either way the Kiwis are screwed because they can choose matriarchy on one side and matriarchy on the other. New Zealand was the first country to give the chicks the vote, so they are the litmus test on what not to do. The other week via Dark Brightness I stumbled upon this little gem that hails from a daily broadsheet over there in the land of the long white sheep:

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Daddy Issues

Reader Katie asked me a question the other day. Such a question deserves an answer:

So I have a question for you, Adam. Given that divorce is always to be avoided if at all possible, sometimes families are still broken. Sometimes the husband still decides it’s best for him to leave. Are there things you think a mother can do better or worse in a single mother situation? I would presume respecting the father still, doing everything possible to make sure he’s a positive and present force in his children’s lives. But what other things would you say? From your own experience, or just as a thought experiment, what is the best an unwilling single mother can do once she is in that situation? For daughters and sons both, but particularly sons. Thanks.

I think that this is interesting in the sense that her assumption is that sons need their father more. While it is true that sons need a father, I believe that girls are more damaged by an absent father. They don’t call it daddy issues for nothing.

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Amy Barrett is a diversity hire

A weekend opinion piece in The Australian written by a conservative woman has got a bit of attention for all of the wrong reasons. The still birth quote from the piece is the following:

Voters expect politicians to do everything to keep them safe, and many will vote along these lines.

This is nonsense, of course. But it is the end result of the long fainting fit that has led us to the nanny state. Women want to be kept safe and they cannot turn to God anymore as He is old hat. So the business of being protected must go to the faceless bureaucracy. That is most of the reason why we are in this current virus malarkey.

It is noteworthy that the writer of this drivel has been well known until fairly recently as an articulate and thoughtful right wing opinion columnist. That she has so obviously gone completely off the rails is not incidental; it is simply what women do. All women, every single last one of them. If their emotional eddy lines are not kept in check then the river will rise and burst its swollen banks, bringing unrestrained calamity to those around them.

And with that, let us now turn our attention to America’s latest conservative diversity hire.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The let women rule over you edition

The Friday hawt chicks & links is aware that it skipped a week last week. The thing is, the thing is … this new format is hard to pull together in a single week when you’re working a full time job that is not in any way restricted to the usual worker’s paradise regimen of a 40 hour work week. I will try to get this out every week; emphasis on the word try. But every second week might have to be the go-to format. We shall see.

Events are proving interesting; as always, 2020 is the putrid gift that keeps on taking. The US election is not far off and true to my promise I have not written about it this time. I am content to let others do that because whereas in 2016 the road was clear for those who chose to look, this time it is a murky bowl stained beyond recognition. The enemy in 2016 was haughty, vain and overconfident. This time they are treasonous, seditious and scheming. I do not know how it will go this time. So I sit back and wait and smoke my pipe with a tired air of haughty impatience. Nom nom nom.

The title of the hawt chicks & links this week comes from the Bible – Isiah 3:12

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

It was James Higham who put me onto this passage and accurate it is indeed for our present times. In New Zealand there is to be an election and the citizens have a choice between a noxious woman on the left and a blundering woman on the right. Which means they have no choice at all. Better a thousand ants that infest your armpits than this awful fate.

But now I let my readers settle back into their deep leather chairs as autumn pushes its fingers at the thin glass windows. The fire sets a yellow glow over the room, illuminating the high rows of books that gaze down with quiet wisdom. Your faithful hound is at your feet, one ear cocked for danger on the path. There is a glass of something good and fine in your hand and your packed pipe lies waiting to be lit. So relax in the knowledge that hard times lie just around the corner and now is the moment to make the future memories upon which you will depend.

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“All children need their mother and their father”

Via Maggie’s Farm I came across this speech by Frank Abagnale to a crowd of “Googlers” at Google. My intention was to watch for a couple of minutes. Instead, I ran out his entire speech at one go which lasts until the 27 minute mark. He is a very good public speaker indeed. I didn’t last through the first idiot question from the audience, nor did I appreciate the same audience’s tendency to get up and walk around as if they had casually passed by a street performer.

But those points notwithstanding, what a talk. His comments about divorce hit me hard. I have already in the past written about how to survive and move on from a feminist mother. Divorce was a big part of that story. A divorce ruptures a child’s worldview; there is his life before that moment and then everything after.

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Book review – Believe! Real Christianity taking Christendom Back


This article in the Catholic World Report that attempts to dispute Archbishop Viganò’s Letter about Vatican II is bloated with falsity, misdirection and outright lies. And yet, before I had read Giuseppe Filotto’s brief but powerful book Believe!, I would not have been able to understand the arguments at hand, much less refute them.

In preparation for my speech at the XYZ online convention a few months’ ago I both spoke to Filotto and used this book as a research tool. The speech was a success in that it busted a few sacred cows in Australia while putting me in touch with other like minded thinkers . Perhaps it also inspired a few viewers as well. I assume no success in that regard, I only express heartfelt hope.

But it has taken me several subsequent readings of this book to really understand the concepts at hand.

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A good grooming guide for men – part 1

Good grooming is an essential part of being a man. Unfortunately, many men of the last few generations were not taught correctly or not at all by their fathers. Or perhaps there was no father in the home, a more common and depressing symptom of modern secularism. I remember in my early teenage years examining the toiletry items that festooned my father’s solitary bathroom, like scattered soldiers left behind to cover some ragged retreat. As I copied what he used, thankfully for me he got some things right. But it was an incomplete apprenticeship with no direct training, which meant I had to work things out mostly on my own.

I presume no similar lack of ability in this domain on behalf of my own readers. But for those who do need some help, here is my introductory brief as to how to groom yourself correctly.

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Don’t I know you from somewhere?

I have one of those faces that people think they know me from somewhere. This is especially true with Australians but not limited to them. Perhaps they think they have seen me on television or film. Who is that guy, they wonder.

When I participated the other month in the XYZ magazine online conference I had the same reaction both from viewers and organisers. My reply is in general to make little of it. I have one of those faces, I tell them. This seems to alleviate the curiosity but not completely.

Truth be told, this can all be somewhat tedious. Yesterday I was in a hotel and I was walking towards the lift. There was a group of three men and a woman. The woman was tall, slim, striking and blonde. She caught a glimpse of me and then did an obvious double take. She stared at me. So I stared back as I continued to approach the small group. She stared with astonishment. Who is this guy, she was wondering. She had mere seconds to work out where she knew me from and then it was over and I was past.

Like I said, tedious.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The ticket edition

The Friday hawt chicks and links notes the passage of this week with a wry raise of a weary eyebrow. The hated and diseased dwarf that straddled the halls of the Supreme Court went to her Master far below. Conservative publications around the world mourned her passing with solemn tributes that praised her dedication to the murder of unborn innocents as a fitting tribute to the pagan feminist cult. Conservatives must always be seen to be doing their perceived right thing, no matter how self-defeating or destructive.

Trump is all but certain to raise up another female to replace the one just dead. Apparently she is made of the right stuff, one of our own. If that were true she would be stoking the fire in her home’s hearth. Instead, she has dedicated her life to destroying it by following the deceitful promises spread in part by the woman that she wants so desperately to replace. And although she is apparently on our side now, she is a woman and this seat is for life. In later years when she inevitably becomes embittered then we will see which way she leans.

But Trump plays the card that he must before the election. A woman, even a conservative woman, is the only choice acceptable to the strident minority. He cannot afford the distraction over the next several weeks. He knows his enemies and their plans better than we do.

Vox Day often talks about people taking the ticket. It is an effective analogy to draw the line between good and evil. We talk about taking the red pill to open our eyes to that which is around us. But in reality, it is the active choice to take the blue pill that separates us from our enemies. To take the ticket is to swallow that blue pill, to partake in the earthly pleasures and power that extract their inevitable price all too quickly. But it is also to check out and be subsumed by that which the powerful produce to enslave us. That is another way to take the ticket; the passive way. You give yourself over to your phone, or to porn, or to any of the many other modern snares to ancient vices.

Your willingness to not take the ticket is all that stands between you and the other.

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Cardboard guardians

This week I wrote about how the true banality of evil inherent in democracy is the subsumption of powers from the elected representatives of the people to a faceless bureaucracy that is beholden and accountable to nobody.

But ultimately, leaders and politicians are the short term manifestations of democracy in action. The longer term belongs to the unelected and unaccountable public service; the bureaucracy that selects its own and moves towards its own end goals. The evilness of democracy rests not with its leaders but with its bureaucracy. Every bureaucracy in every western nation is left wing. It is not these bureaucracies that are in thrall to leftist movements; rather, it is the nations that are in thrall to their bureaucracies. The bureaucracies are the state.

Not three days after the fact and we have an astounding example of this from Australia with the title, The role of bureaucrats.

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