The 25th million Australian – there will be war.

Australia has reached a population of 25 million and The Australian newspaper reckons that they have found the 25th million “Australian”.

He’s one in 25 million – ‘a gift to Australia’.

When Australia’s population hit 25 million, it was not ­entirely clear whether that would be through migration or birth — so Indian-Australian couple Shravanthi and Anil Vooturi had a bet each way, welcoming a healthy baby boy at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.

A fitting example of the 25th million “Australian”. You can’t even make this shit up.

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I no longer believe in free speech.

I no longer support free speech. Free speech is both a deception and a cancer that has undermined Western Civilization since the French revolution. The progressive left heavily pushed the concept of free speech in the 1960s. They used it to effectively sabotage and destroy the venerable institutions that make up our nation states, and once their work was effectively done, once they had completed their march through the institutions, they tossed aside the idea of free speech as easily as if it were simply a straw in a bin.

No speech is free. The concept itself is ludicrous when you consider it. All speech has consequences. At the tender age of 10 I first grasped the idea that the adults in charge were full of shit when they kept repeating this line:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Yeah, nah. Names can really hurt you, as I discovered in the playground. Which is all part of growing up, but the inherent lunacy of ‘names can never hurt you’ didn’t sit easily with me. Names can hurt you for the following reason:

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Sunday cigars, whiskey and pork thread.

Yesterday the Good Wife and I visited the Dutch city of Haarlem. It was our first time in the city and we were not disappointed. In fact we have both decided that so far it is our favorite Dutch city. Characterized by narrow twisty streets, numerous canals and beautiful girls, the best thing about it is the multitude of small specialist shops.

We purchased an interior design book in a lovely bookstore where we had to wait for several minutes as the cashiers attempted to deal with the multitudes of customers throwing money at them. As such I was more than happy to wait. Bookshops, amongst other small commercial enterprises, were supposed to have died long ago. But people do everything on the internet; they don’t want to have to shop on the internet as well. They want to go out, to browse, and to mingle with other people. To have human contact.

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Squee! is the sound that women make when attempting to infiltrate an online community of men. It goes something like this:

  1. Woman posts vague stuff about herself in order to elicit interest from beta males and white knights on the site.
  2. The beta boys lap it up and ask for more details.
  3. She complies. While doing so she makes a determined effort to write her comments in a way that is cute, feminine even. She knows that men are starved of feminine women.
  4. She will pepper her comments with smiley faces and winkey faces. But for the full frontal big gun exchange she reserves the time honored female squeal of pleasure.


All the lap dogs want a squee! She will hand them out carefully. Mustn’t use them too liberally now. If she thinks that too many squee!s have been forthcoming then she will dial it back to just the winkey faces.

And so it goes.

If for some reason you wish to have this type of female running after you on cyberspace, just call her out on her squee!. Use good amounts of mockery and disdain. Remain haughty and aloof. And watch your private message box begin flashing. However, she will most probably be criminally insane. Take that for what it’s worth.