This Easter Sunday we need to go back to church

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that Christ died to save us from our sins. Sunday is Easter Sunday, the day that He rose from the dead. It’s a four day weekend in Australia, often a five day weekend for some. People use the time to get away for what is often the last gasp of summer before winter sets in down under. There will be surf and sand, beers and bbqs; just the sort of lazy indulgences that hard working people need every once in a while.

But this week in Australia a man lost his job and had his contract torn up because of his religious views. His Christian faith has been deemed unacceptable and not in line with the more enlightened attitudes of today. Apparently we are wiser than the good men who wrote the Bible.

But that same religion is why most Australians are able to enjoy an extended stay at the beach this weekend. Perhaps many of them will discuss Isreal Folau’s apparent foolishness as they enjoy free time based on the dying vestiges of the religion that he faithfully follows. They will not go to church to celebrate but they will crack another cold one and declare that Australia is the best country in the world, mate.

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Israel Folau is the most courageous man in Australia.

Israel Folau is an Australian rugby union player; he is also the best player in the country. He was expected to be the star player and crucial to Australia’s success in this year’s rugby world cup to be held in Japan. But it appears that he stands a good chance of never playing for his country again. Rugby Australian seem certain to bow to pressure, the majority of the pressure coming from their major sponsor Qantas, who are furious at a post that the star player made a few days ago on his own personal Instagram account.

You see, Israel Folau is a devout Christian, and because of his belief he felt the need to remind his followers that actions have consequences and that the bible is very clear on what awaits unrepentant sinners.

Here is Folau’s tweet in its entirety:

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How many nations unto God?

This week I received an email from a reader which I responded to and to which she then replied. The emails were respectful and thoughtful, and I appreciated them. In her second email she wrote the following:

To clarify why I said you might not be on the side you think you’re on, in most of your articles I see the divide you paint as male, white, enlightened, smart, nationalist on one side, and female, black or brown, dull-thinking, stupid, immigrant on the other side. But there are men on the right side and men on the wrong side, women on the right side and women on the wrong side, white nationalists on the right side and on the wrong side, minorities on the right side and the wrong side. This isn’t completely consistent – there are hints that you think women *could* be on the right side, hints that immigrants could be welcome if they assimilate into the host culture – but the overall tone and assumptions that I see in your writing seem to paint the divide as I have stated.

I can see why a reader who only began following my blog late last year might be confused as to my standing on these matters. The world of course is not so simple as to be merely black and white, and to assume so is simple ignorance. But in all discourses there exists both a macro and a micro level, something to which I have had to refer on numerous occasions when commenters misunderstand or deliberately seek to distort my intentions.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – We’re back, baby!

The hawt chicks & links returns in a triumphant and cataclysmic torrent of worthy reading and open mouthed viewing that will satisfy even the most difficult to please of you, which will probably be a Dutchman as they usually manage to find fault with everything. It’s one of their endearing little traits. The links thread takes time to put together, mostly in the gathering of worthy links for you all to enjoy. I can’t just put up any old crap on here, you know. And during traveling and times of working ultra ultra hard I didn’t have time to do much reading around the interwebs. Which means a paucity of links, and thus a paucity of hawt chicks & links posts.

But now we’re back. Goodie gumdrops.

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